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RESULTS Merc last JAWA standing event - Tuesday 7 March Results


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Date and Time: 7Mar2023 1400EST
 Event: Merc Last JAWA Standing 
Map: Duel5

I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to the event and for those who participated in the shenanigans!
We played a series of rounds all with different weapons and different fire types allowed during said round. Should you have ran out of ammo for that weapon you were then allowed to use the DL44 heavy pistol until a winner had emerged.

Round 1
Concussion Rifle Primary Fire


Round 2
DEMP 7 Primary Fire


Round 3
Imperial Heavy Repeater Primary Fire


Round 4
E-11 Blaster primary and Alternate Fire


Round 5
Throwables Primary and Alternate Fire


Round 6 (Bonus Round)
Stun Baton

Helena first go Maverick Second go
(A wild padawan appeared and cut some of us down prompting a re-roll of the round)

Rocket Round!
Rocket Launcher Alternate Fire

Redshadow and Tusko!
Both had a lock on each other and died just moments from each other, What a round!

All in all it was great having some fun with merc and all you fine JAWA's that came out! I look forward to hosting more events with y'all!





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