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Request (ffxiv male viera)


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I'm looking for anyone who actually knows how to make the Blender plugins to work. Like, which version to use, which versions of plugins, where for (for JKA player models). I've been trying repeatedly myself since October 2020 and was waiting on TheDoctor to answer me or talk to me but to no avail. Therefore, if anyone would be capable of making a male viera model (from FFXIV, as seen in my profile picture and avatar), I'd be extremely thankful. Of course I can provide any number of material to work with from FFXIV side. Feel free to DM me on JAWA discord or DM me or here.


Thanks a ton

Reiko ^^

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Another alternative would be if anyone is experienced with coding and has access to ChatGPT4, asking it to write a JKA import export glm/gla plugin for current version of Blender. Then maybe having github co-pilot look it over, too. Sadly, I've not enough experience and no access to GPT4.

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Just a quick reskin of Ruusaan. I'll see if I can get Blender mashing to work today/tomorrow, depending on time, so I can finally in my mind shoot that Doctor's topic to dead. No promises, but picture-by-picture part 3 of their tutorial for Blender might be coming, soon. Just not from them.



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