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On the 9th September 2023...


Rosetylerwiki.png     WikiProfile Ironskull.jpg


RoseTyler & IronSkull86


Became the next Leaders of (JAWA)!


They were both promoted during a ceremony held on the main server by both TheDoctor and myself. TheDoctor has stepped back down to Clan Supporter. I will be staying on as a leader alongside both Iron and Rose as they both agreed they wanted me to stay on to assist them moving forward. I will not be in this position long term and I will likely only be in this position for 1 year or less (If I exceed 1 year, blame Iron & Rose).


Rose has been an very important part of the clan in the recent years. She has shown her leadership abilities during various situations and has been apart of leadership decisions even before taking on this position. She is one of the hardest working Council Members in (JAWA) history and has done a lot for the clan behind the scenes. She is one of our most creative members doing various banner work and other major graphical work such as Hall of Fame pictures. She also has worked really hard to bring back the Arts club from my club killing axe of destruction and has done her best to keep the (JAWA) Podcast moving forward.


Iron is one who comes with former leadership experience as he was one of the leaders of KoTp. He has been around the clan for a very long time and has worked alongside the many different leadership regimes over the years. He has been one many have confided in and has given his thoughts and opinions on various leadership decisions over the many years he's been here. Iron is another of our hardest working Council Members in (JAWA) history where he has done a lot behind the scenes. Iron has hosted so many signatures of the week and has done a lot of work on the wiki where he has helped fixed major issues in the past on there. Iron is also the longest serving member of the (JAWA) Podcast and has been a prominent voice on its episodes since his debut in Season 5.


We have two people who have been pivotal to the stability of this clan over the years they've been here with what they've done behind the scenes. Their voices have been crucial in the direction of the clan in many situations. There may be some who may think Rose and Iron do nothing as most of their contributions are behind the scenes and gives off the impression they don't do that much, which is not the case and completely wrong. It is fitting that two people who have had such an impact on the clans stability be promoted to the rank of Leader and I would like to simply say...


Congratulations Rose & Iron!


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Congratulations to you both! I'm so proud of you! You've both helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain and can't wait to see what you do for (JAWA) going forward ❤️

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Congratulations, Rose and IronSkull! It couldn't have been better honestly I'm so glad you two became JAWA clan leaders if I was asked to choose I think I would be very close to this choice , one more I congratulate you twos from the bottom of my heart 🥂

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Congrats again to both of you! You have already proven that you have what it takes to be good leaders, so I know JAWA is in good hands. I'm looking forward to where you take us. ❤️

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I thought I had already posted, must be my ghost brain! Congrats again! I'm excited to see this code red version of Ironskull and excited to see the way forward! 

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Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for stepping forward and claiming the role.

I'm sure you both will do great :3


And sorry i couldn't make it to the ceremony, i'm in rhodes, Greece on my vacation 😎🌴 

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@IronSkull86 and @RoseTyler I've known you guys for years, and you've both been awesome (to my knowledge heheh) the whole time! You're not only great clanmates, but also great friends. I don't get to have a chat with you guys a ton because well.... life gets busy lol. The talks I HAVE gotten to have with you guys have always been good, however. I rest easy knowing that you guys are leading. I support this 100%.


I just wanna say this again. THANK YOU FOR CARING. JAWA has been through SO MUCH over the years. I know that you guys are REAL. Let me know if I can ever do anything to help you.


Love you guys....





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