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EVENT JAWA Spooktacular Halloween Event!


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Hosted by:

Maverick and Friends.

Date: 28 October 2023
Time: 1330 EST (1830 JAWA Time)
Game type: TFFA, TTT, Zombie, Valis Hunt


Hello everyone! I hope you are ready for (JAWA)'s Halloween Spooky Event! We will be hosting the event on October 28th (Saturday) at 130 PM EST/630PM JAWA time. For this event we will play a few rounds of TFFA, Possibly some TTT, Zombie and of course the spookiest event of them all, Valis hunt! you will need to have the JK2 Map Bespin FFA, City of Darkness and Labyrinth - Halloween Special JKA Edition (1.0) you will also need The Academy V3 as a bonus map for Valis Hunt. We will start our 3 rounds of TFFA on Bespin FFA, we will then move to City of Darkness if everyone wants to play a round of Trouble in Terrorist Town, if not then we will head to the Labyrinth map for our game of Zombie and finally the spooky Valis Hunt on This map! We will host the events on the (JAWA) Main server and would love to see you there! Happy Spooky Season everyone!

---- RULES/TIPS ----


When the map is changed all players are to gather in the main area and line up. Then, the organizer will pick 2 team captains, who will pick colors, red or blue. After that, captains will pick members for their team from the lined up players. People who are called out to join a team should stand behind their captain. When all players are chosen, the map will restart. As soon as the map restarts, pick the team you are picked in, red or blue. Right after you enter the game the fight starts. The goal is to kill members in opposing team without killing yours (if friendly fire is turned on). The team who reaches the frag limit first, wins the TFFA. Laming IS allowed when the match starts so if you're chatting then you can and probably will be killed.


No just randomly killing people (except for terrorists, obviously) without reason.

You must ALWAYS give a reason as to why you have killed someone (If the console says it was you Hint hint).

If you die, you must join spectate and are not allowed to talk publically or privately about ongoing events.

You must choose either merc or emp (weapon pickups are disabled, however health pickups are not)

It doesn't matter how you die. Once you're dead, YOU ARE DEAD.

You may NOT leave the underground.

Players are allowed to leave the group and hide.

No strafe jumping/hopping to get away faster.

You can attack more than one person and/ or with more than one person at a time.

Useful tips/ suggestions:

Try to use area kills as killing someone with weapons such as a sniper would be a bit obvious that you're a traitor.

If you're on your own, other players will obviously have no evidence upon who attacked who first.

You can use things such as jail cells to lock players away whom you are unsure about but don't want to kill etc.

You can also vote to execute him. (Being the only one wanting to kill a suspect is allowed, however if you do, everyone else may think you're a traitor so I wouldn't bother.

Don't forget to guard the jail cells of suspects as other traitors may come along to let him out (This will also enable the ability to discover more traitors if they do).

Don't concentrate on killing people straight away, traitors, or non-traitors. You need to think carefully for EVERY move you make has consequences.

Pick numbers 1-100 for the zombie player.

The player that has been picked to be the Zombie he/she must go to the red team.

The rest of the players must go to the blue team.

Once the server is restarted you may begin.

Weapons will be on.

Pickups will be off.

When a player from the human team (blue team) is killed by the zombie or in any other way they must switch to the red team and help kill the blue team members.

Blue team members are allowed to defend themselves. If someone from the red team (Zombie team) dies they come back to life.

Must switch hiding places every 3 minutes.

Grapple and jet packs are not allowed.

No going to glitchy areas please.

Last person on the human team (Blue Team) wins and they become the next Zombie for the next round.

The Valis Hunt:

Brightness must be at 0 /r_gamma 0 (Or slide the brightness scale to 0).

Only jump over obstacles and people, no bunny hopping / strafe jumping.

No Grapple or Jetpack.

Survivors have to have melee out.

Survivors can't attack The Valis.

Survivors can use vents at own risk.

Survivors cannot stay in one hiding spot for too long. Try to switch spots every 3-5 minutes.

Single Saber only.

The Valis can turn his saber off to ambush survivors, but must otherwise keep it on.

Pickups will be disabled.

You cannot lock yourself in the bar, but you can hide in there.

If your fellow Valis hits you by accident, tough luck. The Valis and the Survivors should watch out for the turrets that shoot near the lockable door, they do not discriminate with their targeting.

Only standing emotes and /meditate are allowed. You may crouch of course.

No binocs (Sorry guys, it may limit vision but it can be very useful inside the vents).

Your name cannot be all black letters; you will need at least 3 colored letters.

You may use any skin you want.

Edited by Maverick
Date changed from 29th to 28th due to League. Oops hehe
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