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Application: Loki


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:wrinkley i am: About Me
Jedi Academy name: Loki
Previous names: n/a
Discord name: Loki
Country: USA

:sand: My Jedi Academy Experience
Length of time playing Jedi Academy/Outcast: 2002?
Previous clans, schools, or teams: JAWA, Emperors of Darkness (JK2/JK3)
Reasons for leaving previous clans: EoD no longer exists
Websites of previous clans: dis won & non-existent
Are you an active member of a Jedi Academy school, training program, or TFFA team? Nope, but I will rejoin the knights

:JAWA: (JAWA) Related 
Reasons for applying: Because I miss my frans (not just frans but my other humans)
Have you read and do you agree to follow our rules? Yes
Length of time playing on our server: 2016ish?

:r2: Other Comments



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After discussion, the Council has decided to bring you back into (JAWA) at your former rank of Knight. Welcome back, Loki.

Edited by Mooku
Making message personalized to Loki.
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