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Many admin commands can be bound to keys in order to reach them quickly and without the need to open the console. In addition, a number of commands that can be applied to other players, including most disciplinary commands, can be made into “gunbinds,” which can be used to apply those commands to a player in an admin’s targeting reticle. Most admin commands in Jedi Academy Plus begin with the prefix am- for admin. The same prefix is applied to other commands, such as emotes, which were originally designed for admins, although they’re allowed to all players on most servers. Those commands which can be applied to a targeted player can be made into gunbinds by replacing am- with gun-. For example, gunsleep will sleep the player in the targeting reticle.

The following is a list of available gunbinds, two of which, gunsay and guntele, have already been described. Gunsay announces the client number of a targeted player in admin chat, and guntele teleports an admin to the targeted player. Gundenyvote may also be a valid command, but I have never had the opportunity to test it.


Admins should never, ever bind gunkick or gunban. There is a high probability of hitting the wrong person with any gunbind, and the consequenses of kicking or banning the wrong person are too great to justify using those commands. Always kick or ban players using the console. For those players who have a number keypad on the right side of their keyboards, the following example will help you assign admin binds and gunbinds in a way that makes sense and should be fairly intuitive. Bind commands to the keys using the key names, not their numbers. If in doubt about their names, try binding the keys in the main game menu instead of in the console. If they can be bound, their names should appear on the screen when a function is assigned to them. Some keyboard layouts may vary from the one below; for example, on some keyboards the key above 9 is /, and on others it’s *. The number lock key may or may not be usable for admin binds. However, you can adjust the example below to suit your keyboard, without losing most of the advantages of the layout. There are more keys available on the number keypad than most admins will need.

Keep a list of the commands bound to each key until you’re used to the layout. You can also see a list of all your binds by entering /bindlist in the console.

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