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The admin guide was written to help new admins or those interested in becoming an admin learn all the commands in one central place. This guide isn't specifically aimed at (JAWA) however it may contain a few references to how (JAWA) handles rule breakers on the server. If you have any suggestions, corrections, additions or anything else which would benefit the guide then feel free to pass them along to Helena Revan. This guide was written by Helena Revan, edited by SiLink with the help of Raz0r (Screenshots).

Basic Commands

Game Setting Commands

Utility Commands

Disciplinary Commands

Admin Binds and Gunbinds

Spawning NPC's

Please use the section below to help you navigate around the guide. If you want to return back to this page then simply click the "(JAWA) Admin Guide" image at the top of the page.

Admin Guide

Basic Commands: amloginamlogoutamstatusamsayaminfoampsayamwhoisampollamkillvote
Game Setting Commands: ammapamforceteamamvstramlockteamamunlockteamamempowerammercamforcealtdimamunforcealtdim
Utility Commands: amprotectamoriginamghostamtelemarkamtele
Disciplinary Commands: amslapamfreezeamsilenceamunsilenceamrenameamkickamghostambanamsleepamwake
Other Information: Admin Binds and GunbindsSpawning NPC's
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