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All JKA and JKO game types identify each player on the server as a member of a particular team. There are four available teams, called free (f), spectator (s), blue (b), and red (r). The free team is only available in the Free-for-All and Holocron Free-for-All game modes, while other games use the blue and red teams. All game types recognize the spectator team, but in Duel and Power Duel, players in spectator mode are automatically assigned to join either the red or blue team when their turns begin.

Sometimes it is necessary for admins to assign players to specific teams and force them to remain there unless needed for another team. This may occur because the teams have been agreed upon in advance, or in order to keep other players from interfering with an event. A player may be prevented from joining the free, red, or blue teams (players are always allowed to join the spectator team) using the command /amlockteam <letter of team>. Players may then be moved to the spectator team, or from one team to another, by using the command /amforceteam <name or client number> <letter of team>.

Admin Guide

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