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One of the most useful powers an admin can have is the ability to ghost. A ghosted player is invisible to all non-admins, although he or she may briefly become visible due to lag, or when a player’s CPU redraws an area containing ghosted players. A player may be ghosted using the command /amghost <name or client number>. If no target is specified, the admin using the command will be ghosted. The same command is used to unghost.

The primary reason for ghosting is for admins to watch other players, particularly known or suspected rule-breakers. Other reasons include the fact that ghosted players can pass through clip brushes, accessing areas of maps that are otherwise blocked and inaccessible, or to disappear and escape attention for a while.

Although ghosting is an effective means of watching other players, there are ways in which experienced players can detect ghosted admins. One way is by joining the spectator team and spectating each player in turn until the admin is found. Another way is to listen for footsteps, grappling hooks, or teleportation effects made by an unseen player.

Yet another way to detect ghosted players is by turning the effect cg_footsteps up to 4. The default setting, 3, causes tracks to appear when a player walks or runs across certain surfaces, such as thick sand, mud, gravel, or snow. These gradually disappear as JKA places subsequent tracks, visible and invisible, made by other players, or elsewhere on the map. On setting 4, this effect draws footprints on almost all surfaces, making it impossible for a ghosted admin to walk or run around without leaving traces. A crouching player leaves no tracks and can avoid this method of detection, albeit by moving very slowly. However, crouching admins should be careful not to roll when crossing low steps or descending stairs and ramps, because of the rolling sound effect.

A player being Ghosted

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