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In order to use any admin commands, an admin must first log in using his or her admin password. The command for this is: /amlogin <password>. Most servers have three levels of admin, by default called Instructor, Knight, and Council-level admin. The powers granted to each level of admin are set using “rcon,” the authority to reconfigure the server. Each level normally has a different password.

By logging in, an admin obtains all of the powers assigned to that level, as well as the ability to read admin chat and see all ghosted players. Admin powers can only be applied to non-admins, or to admins of equal or lesser rank. Logging in is accompanied by a groovy effect; the glow of empowerment for admins who use light-side powers, and lightning for those who rely on the dark side of the Force.

A dark side player logging in
A light side player logging in

Admin Guide

Basic Commands: amloginamlogoutamstatusamsayaminfoampsayamwhoisampollamkillvote
Game Setting Commands: ammapamforceteamamvstramlockteamamunlockteamamempowerammercamforcealtdimamunforcealtdim
Utility Commands: amprotectamoriginamghostamtelemarkamtele
Disciplinary Commands: amslapamfreezeamsilenceamunsilenceamrenameamkickamghostambanamsleepamwake
Other Information: Admin Binds and GunbindsSpawning NPC's
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