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An admin may log out of admin using /amlogout. This is useful for admins who need to remain anonymous for one reason or another, and it is necessary for admins who share their computers with somebody else who plays Jedi Academy.

Admins should never share their passwords over the server. Impostors may try to obtain passwords in this way, claiming to have lost them. Passwords should only be shared (with permission) over the clan or server forums, where it is impossible for one player to impersonate another.

Admin Guide

Basic Commands: amloginamlogoutamstatusamsayaminfoampsayamwhoisampollamkillvote
Game Setting Commands: ammapamforceteamamvstramlockteamamunlockteamamempowerammercamforcealtdimamunforcealtdim
Utility Commands: amprotectamoriginamghostamtelemarkamtele
Disciplinary Commands: amslapamfreezeamsilenceamunsilenceamrenameamkickamghostambanamsleepamwake
Other Information: Admin Binds and GunbindsSpawning NPC's
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