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Admin chat is displayed in yellow type, preceded by <Admin> (which is helpful to remember when non-admins use yellow type). All players logged in as admins can see admin chat, although other players can only see the messages that they themselves type using /amsay. Admin chat is used to report rule-breakers or to ask questions to the admins on a server. It’s also used for conversations between admins.

Admin chat uses the same channel as team chat, clan chat, and ampsay: messagemode2. By default, messagemode2 is bound to T. Messagemode2 can be set to each of these chat types using the following commands:

Team chat: say_team_mod normal Clan chat: say_team_mod clan Admin chat: say_team_mod admin Ampsay: say_team_mod ampsay

The team chat key can only be set to one of these chat types at a time. However, the following commands may be used in the console at any time: /teamsay, /clansay, /amsay, and /ampsay.

Admins can also cycle through all four chat types using the following script, originally written by Wolf, a Disciple of the (JAWA) Clan. It should be bound to I, which by default is used for messagemode4. Messagemode4 does not work correctly in Jedi Academy; it’s supposed to send a message to the last player who hit or killed the sender. However, in most instances it either fails to work at all, or locks onto the first player targeted and does not change.

Wolf’s script (save this in your base folder under the title, “Togglechat.cfg”):

unbind i
seta G_CLANMOD "say_team_mod clan; echo ^1Clan mod chat engaged; bind i vstr G_ADMINMOD"
seta G_ADMINMOD "say_team_mod admin; echo ^3Admin mod chat engaged; bind i vstr G_TEAMMOD"
seta G_TEAMMOD "say_team_mod normal; echo ^5Team mod chat engaged; bind i vstr G_AMPSAY"
seta G_AMPSAY "say_team_mod ampsay; echo ^7Ampsay mod chat engaged; bind i vstr G_CLANMOD"
bind i "vstr G_CLANMOD"

When correctly installed, this script will allow you to change from one chat type to another using the I key. Be sure to wait a moment after each change, otherwise flood protection will prevent the type from changing.

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