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This command reveals the client number of each player on the server, as well as whether the player is using Jedi Academy Plus, and the version installed. Each player who joins a server is automatically assigned a client number, which remains the same until that player disconnects. As a rule, players will be assigned the lowest number not already in use. Client numbers are equal to the number of player slots available on the server, but begin with 0 instead of 1. In a thirty-two-slot server, the client numbers will range from 0 to 31. The client number -1 is used to apply a command to every player on the server.

The importance of client numbers is that they allow an admin to apply commands to a specific player, without the risk of affecting the wrong player. Players can change their names, but not their client numbers. If two players have similar (or identical) names, or a player’s name is difficult to type because of non-standard characters, an admin can use the player’s client number instead. If a command is applied using part of a player’s name that is shared with another player, the server will apply it to the player with the lowest client number.

If two clients connect with the same name (such as “Padawan”), the client number may be automatically added in parentheses. This can also happen if a player lags out and reconnects while the server still recognizes his original client number. The player will be unable to use his name as long as it is still assigned to his original client number. The solution to this is to kick the lagged client from the server, so that the reconnecting one can rename.

Occasionally, players change their names to numbers. When this happens, admins should always use the client number to apply commands to those players. The server assumes that any number used to apply a command to a player is a client number. If “Fred” has client number 6, but “Padawan” changes his name to 6, an admin who kicks 6 will kick Fred, not Padawan.

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