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The command used to teleport a player from point to point is /amtele. In order to teleport to another player, the command is /amtele <name or client number>. In order to teleport one player to another, the command is /amtele <player to be teleported> <destination player>. If only one player is named, the server assumes that the admin is teleporting him or herself.

Whenever a player is teleporting or being teleported to an unseen location, he or she should first be ghosted in order to avoid “telefragging” other players. This occurs when one player materializes within the same space occupied by another player. The unfortunate player at the destination point will be killed, or “telefragged,” unless the teleporting player is ghosted.

Any player may refuse to be teleported by entering /refusetele in the console. Although this can be a handicap to admins, the purpose of this command is to prevent admin abuse. For the same reason, players cannot teleport or be teleported to any location that is directly above a trigger hurt, such as a pit, spikes, lava, or slime.

A player being teleported

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