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Teams are locked and unlocked using the same command. For example, during a TFFA, after picking teams, the admin in charge locks the red and blue teams to prevent other players from joining, using /amlockteam b and /amlockteam r. During the game, Fred, who is on the blue team, lags out and is unable to play. Lily, in spectator mode, wishes to join the game, but is unable to because the teams are both locked. The admin in charge assigns Fred to the spectator team using /amforceteam fred s, and assigns Lily to the blue team using /amforceteam lily b.

Admin Guide

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Game Setting Commands: ammapamforceteamamvstramlockteamamunlockteamamempowerammercamforcealtdimamunforcealtdim
Utility Commands: amprotectamoriginamghostamtelemarkamtele
Disciplinary Commands: amslapamfreezeamsilenceamunsilenceamrenameamkickamghostambanamsleepamwake
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