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Slept players are immobilized for as long as they remain on the server, or until they are woken using /amwake. Players who disconnect and reconnect must be slept again. The command must be applied again after map changes.

A player being woken from amsleep

Admin Guide

Basic Commands: amloginamlogoutamstatusamsayaminfoampsayamwhoisampollamkillvote
Game Setting Commands: ammapamforceteamamvstramlockteamamunlockteamamempowerammercamforcealtdimamunforcealtdim
Utility Commands: amprotectamoriginamghostamtelemarkamtele
Disciplinary Commands: amslapamfreezeamsilenceamunsilenceamrenameamkickamghostambanamsleepamwake
Other Information: Admin Binds and GunbindsSpawning NPC's
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