Balance Game

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 Name: Balance Game
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 4+
 Map(s): Jedi Council GCX
 Introduced: 3rd November 2010
 Founder(s): DarkSoul





In this event, the combatants must hold their nerve as they attempt to navigate across the balance room, whilst avoiding a fall into the pit below. Each participant may choose to attack their fellow combatants using melee, whilst this carries a heavy risk and may result in an accidental death it may just be the action that secures your victory. Upon successfully navigating the balancing beams to the end, you must then ignite your lightsaber and attempt to make your way back across to the begining. This is no easy feat and the player which manages to navigate back to the start will win this event and be named the victor. Although many may die in their attempt to reach the end, anyone who meets an untimely end may get back to the room within one minute, otherwise they will be eliminated from the round.

  • Requires everyone to be in the balancing room.
  • Each participant will only be able to use melee.
  • Each participant will be trying to get to the other side, by jumping on a beam.
  • Each participant is able to try and knock down their enemies with melee.
  • Once you reach the other side you may turn on your lightsaber, and try to jump back to the beginning.
  • First one back to the starting point wins.
  • Jetpack and grapple are not allowed.
  • If anyone is killed, you have one minute to get back to the room or you are eliminated for the round.