Beast (Event)

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 Name: Beast
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Team Free For All
 Players: 3+
 Map(s): Any
 Introduced: Unknown
 Founder(s): Zu




Once in a while, a group of hunters awake from their slumber and find out that they have ran out of the food. And the only possibility to get some food, is to hunt innocent Tauntauns. Over the years, the hunters, Wampa Riders, have been hunting Tauntans all over the world, relentlessly chasing them for their tasty meat. Not long ago, a group of unknown people decided to help out Tauntauns and tamed them for their cause. Join a battle between the hunger and the preseverence, show who's the strongest and lead your team to the glory.. or the doom. A team of Tauntaun Riders against a team of Wampa Riders.

  • Host will spawn tauntauns and wampas for each of the participants for the correct sides.
  • There will be a 2:1 ratio, meaning 2 tauntauns to one wampa rider.
  • A wampa rider may venture alone and hunt down its prey.
  • Tauntaun Riders may only fight while in a pack, since a single Tauntaun is too afraid to fight the Wampa.