Bounty of the Week

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 Name: Bounty of the Week
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 2+
 Map(s): Any
 Introduced: 23th November 2006
 Founder(s): SiLink




Bounty of the Week was a random event created by SiLink around 2006, the aim of the event was to hunt down the chosen bounty and defeat them in a duel! The host usually posts funny and fictional content for the bounty, usually centered around why that person has a bounty on their head. For example: 'Wolfy is wanted dead or alive, preferably dead! for having an extremely bright and harmful face.'

  • Event is hosted over several weeks of play.
  • Each week the host will pick a new target for any participant to hunt down.
  • They must beat the person in a duel(Not a FFA) and make a screenshot with a post in a specific topic or personal message designated by host.
  • The person with a bounty on their head must appear in the server at least once a day for the week the bounty lasts and must accept all duels issued to them.
  • The bounty will last one week on the specific person.
  • If no one claims the bounty, the person is safe and a new bounty will be issued.
  • Note: Any bounty information posted is not true and made only for humorous reasons.