Dual Heaven

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Dual Heaven

Type Difficulty
Last Man Standing Easy
MapBespin.png PickupsOff.png WeaponDual Lightsabers.png

The second of the free-for-all events, dual heaven pits the competitors against one another using only dual lightsabers. Although specialists do excel at this event, many of the winners have been members who seldom or never use dual sabers outside of this event.

  • All participants must gather around the edges of the Bespin platform. If you don't wish to participate then please spectate.
  • Since pickups are off, participants must have 100/25 health/armour. If you don't, then /kill and return back to the platform quickly.
  • All players must use /saber single_1 single_1 (Type this in the console), this will be checked by the organizers. You must also not use the single variation of dual sabers.
  • Players will be asked to ignite their sabers, a few moments later a countdown will begin (3, 2, 1, GO!). Players must wait until GO! before jumping into the middle. Attacking players at your side straight after GO! may result in a disqualification and restart in the entire event.
  • After the event begins, participants must not avoid the battle. If you are caught doing this then you may be disqualified and sent to spectator. Players must engage in the fight in the form of a Free For All.
  • Things disallowed: grapple hook, jetpack, kickflip, fanning, butterflies, katas, and any other special moves/combinations.
  • When dead, go to spectator mode until the event has concluded. You must not return to the battle, this is a last man standing event.
  • Stance changing is not allowed.

 January  Picco
 February  Cassidy
 March  Pandorum
 April  Dragon
 May  Dragon
 June  Xel
 July  Picco
 August  AcéS
 September  Dragon
 January  Ganjo
 February  Picco
 March  Protégé
 April  Helena Revan
 May  Dace
 June  SephFF
 July  AcéS
 August  Pandorum
 September  Pandorum
 October  Cronus
 November  Wolfy
 December  Cloud9
 January  Cassidy
 February  Cronus
 March  Duster-Man
 April  Crysophylax
 May  Cassidy
 June  Wolfy
 July  Jazzy
 August  Cassidy
 September  SephFF
 October  Redshadow
 November  Zeus121
 December  Kangy
 January  Helena Revan
 February  SephFF
 March  SephFF
 April  Redshadow
 May  Starty
 June  Dace
 July  SephFF
 August  Cassidy
 September  Dodo
 October  Cale
 November  SephFF
 December  Anoek
 January  Redshadow
 February  Doom
 March  Anoek
 April  Jacobie
 May  Robin
 June  Helena Revan
 July  Jazzy
 August  The Doctor
 September  Helena Revan
 October  Arlu3n
 November  Anoek
 December  Wolfy
 January  Water
 February  LegendaryX
 March  Frosty
 April  Phobo
 May  Drixli
 June  SephFF
 July  Robin
 August  Crysophylax
 September  Helena Revan
 October  Wolfy
 November  Crysophylax
 December  Robin
 January  Wolfy
 February  Redshadow
 March  Dragon
 April  Dragon
 May  Stormie
 June  Frosty
 July  Redshadow
 August  Castiel
 September  Duster-Man
 October  Redshadow
 November  Hy Pro Glo
 December  NeoxRave
 January  Duster-Man
 February  Shadow
 March  Duster-Man
 April  Duster-Man
 May  Matoro
 June  Hochimoto
 July  Wolfy
 August  Frosty
 September  Karshank
 October  Water
 November  Jazzy
 December  Helena Revan
 January  Redshadow
 February  Jazzy
 March  Frothen
 April  ASD
 May  Matoro
 June  Duster-Man
 July  Matoro
 August  Redshadow
 September  Wookdook
 October  Duster-Man
 November  Duster-Man
 December  Shadow
 January  Redshadow
 February  Duster-Man
 March  Jenna
 April  Raven
 May  Redshadow
 June  Shadow
 July  Xanatos
 August  Dizzy
 September  Dizzy
 October  Duster-Man
 November  Jazzy
 December  Zu
 January  Redshadow
 February  Ruxith
 March  Dopie
 April  Fente
 May  Dopie
 June  Dopie
 July  Xanatos
 August  Yunie
 September  Redshadow
 October  Redshadow
 November  Redshadow
 December  Giffy
 January  Vince
 February  Bandeth
 March  Griev
 April  Bandeth
 May  Nick00105
 June  Zu
 July  Bandeth
 August  Jazzy
 September  NeoxRave
 October  Crysophylax
 November  Wolfy
 December  Anoek
 January  Helena Revan
 February  Bandeth
 March  Just Another Guy
 April  Wodec
 May  Jazzy
 June  Wodec
 July  Wodec
 August  Duster-Man
 September  Bandeth
 October  Guy
 November  NitRzr
 December  Chrobry
 January  Zu
 February  SiLink
 March  Kirby
 April  Tao.
 May  Helena
 June  NitRzr
 July  SiLink
 August  Monica
 September  Chrobry
 October  NitRzr
 November  NitRzr
 December  Wawel
 January  Z
 February  Balla
 March  Valis Elensar
 April  Monica
 May  SoulHound
 June  Balla
 July  Valis Elensar
 August  Proetic
 September  Vultax
 October  SiLink
 November  Mandalorian
 December  Monica
 January  Balla
 February  Balla
 March  Proetic
 April  Proetic
 May  Jack
 June  Sehtii Hathor
 July  SiLink
 August  Jack
 September  Genbor
 October  SiLink
 November  Genbor
 December  Wawel
 January  Wolf
 February  N/A
 March  SiLink
 April  Drako
 May  Fox
 June  Wodec
 July  Mario
 August  Jack
 September  Wawel
 October  SiLink
 November  Ghost
 December  Pawadan
 January  N/A
 February  Eskimo
 March  RevliS
 April  Spirax
 May  Wolf
 June  N/A
 July  N/A
 August  N/A
 September  Chris
 October  Mario
 November  SiLink
 December  SiLink