Duel Tournament

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Duel Tournament

Type Difficulty
Tournament Hard
MapBespin.png PickupsOff.png WeaponAny Lightsaber.png

The original and grandest of all the traditions of the (JAWA) League, the duel tournament is a single-elimination event currently held at the beginning of each League. At early tournaments, the winner received the right to challenge the reigning (JAWA) Champion for his title. Presently, the winner of the duel tournament automatically becomes the new (JAWA) Champion if the reigning champion is not present to defend his title. The reigning champion no longer participates in the tournament, so that a new challenger is selected each month.

  • Those wanting to participate will be asked to form a straight line in the middle of the platform on Bespin. The organizer will then take down the names of those wanting to participate (The (JAWA) Champion cannot participate).
  • Once the brackets are randomized using a program, the duels will then be announced. Duellists must engage in a duel (100/100), the winner will move up the bracket whilst the loser will be eliminated.
  • If a participant falls off the edge whilst both duellists remain untouched (100/100) then a rematch will take place. If a participant has less than 100/100 then the duel cannot be restarted and the other player will win.
  • You may only use one saber hilt throughout the tournament, meaning you cannot change from single to duals, duals to staff or anything else.
  • Please try to remain quiet during the duels, if you need to say something or want to greet someone as they enter during a duel, then use private messaging (/tell).
  • If the (JAWA) Champion is not present then the finalists in the tournament will battle in a best out of 3 set of duels to determine the new champion.

 January  Perunamaha
 February  Perunamaha
 March  Redshadow
 April  Picco
 May  Ice
 June  Perunamaha
 July  Redshadow
 August  Helena Revan
 September  Shadow
 January  Dragon
 February  Helena Revan
 March  Picco
 April  Fransuave
 May  Picco
 June  Fransuave
 July  Water
 August  Shadow
 September  Pandorum
 October  Picco
 November  Perunamaha
 December  Redshadow
 January  Jazzy
 February  Sami
 March  TheDoctor
 April  Jazzy
 May  Starty
 June  Fransuave
 July  Sami
 August  Jazzy
 September  Protégé
 October  Wolfy
 November  Sami
 December  SephFF
 January  Redshadow
 February  Starty
 March  Magnus D'Kana
 April  Redshadow
 May  Sgt Pepper
 June  Babu Frik
 July  Helena Revan
 August  Crysophylax
 September  Shadow
 October  Jazzy
 November  TheDoctor
 December  Starty
 January  Robin
 February  Ivanova
 March  Natsumi
 April  Jazzy
 May  Helena Revan
 June  The Doctor
 July  Bloop
 August  Magnus D'Kana
 September  Natsumi
 October  Crysophylax
 November  Starty
 December  Starty
 January  Matoro
 February  Nightwing
 March  Shadow
 April  Ace
 May  Redshadow
 June  Matoro
 July  Jacobie
 August  Robin
 September  Elfenlied
 October  Shadow
 November  Crysophylax
 December  The Doctor
 January  Helena Revan
 February  Redshadow
 March  Redshadow
 April  Eis
 May  Elfenlied
 June  Elfenlied
 July  Shadow
 August  Eis
 September  Duster-Man
 October  Redshadow
 November  Redshadow
 December  TheDoctor
 January  Matoro
 February  Shadow
 March  Jasp
 April  Dace
 May  Jacobie
 June  Frosty
 July  Aya Solari
 August  Matoro
 September  Shadow
 October  Water
 November  Jasp
 December  Water
 January  Fente
 February  ASD
 March  ASD
 April  Dace
 May  Shogun
 June  Matoro
 July  Helena Revan
 August  Elfenlied
 September  Wookdook
 October  Shadow
 November  Gintoki
 December  Helena Revan
 January  Nick
 February  Dopie
 March  Bandeth
 April  Crysophylax
 May  Vince
 June  Jazzy
 July  Xanatos
 August  Annunaki
 September  Jazzy
 October  Xanatos
 November  Dopie
 December  Dopie
 January  Xanatos
 February  Crysophylax
 March  SiLink
 April  Zu
 May  Jazzy
 June  Redshadow
 July  Dopie
 August  Shadow
 September  Jazzy
 October  Jasp
 November  Giffy
 December  Zu
 January  Vince
 February  Duster-Man
 March  Ronny
 April  Dopie
 May  Berserker
 June  Vince
 July  Ruxith
 August  Shadow
 September  Water
 October  Dopie
 November  DarkDragon
 December  Ruxith
 January  Wawel
 February  SiLink
 March  Shadow
 April  TC...
 May  Helena Revan
 June  Wodec
 July  Robin
 August  Diamond
 September  SiLink
 October  Zu
 November  Helena Revan
 December  Zu
 January  SiLink
 February  Zu
 March  Shadow
 April  Helena Revan
 May  Ronny
 June  Helena Revan
 July  Squirrel
 August  Ford
 September  Zu
 October  Jin
 November  Vultax
 December  Zu
 January  Dilvish
 February  Z
 March  Wawel
 April  Balla
 May  Ironman
 June  Balla
 July  SiLink
 August  Balla
 September  Balla
 October  Balla
 November  Shadow
 December  Shadow
 January  Balla
 February  Balla
 March  SiLink
 April  Ghost
 May  Wawel
 June  Cole
 July  Mauler
 August  Ironman
 September  Wawel
 October  Balla
 November  BloodRaven
 December  Wawel
 January  Shinobi
 February  League not held
 March  Caelum
 April  Drako
 May  Sand
 June  Caelum
 July  Helena
 August  DarkSoul
 September  Shadow
 October  SiLink
 November  Ghost
 December  SiLink
 January  HI
 February  Eskimo
 March  Alex
 April  Redeem
 May  N/A
 June  N/A
 July  N/A
 August  N/A
 September  Drako
 October  HI
 November  Wodec
 December  Wodec