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A founder of anything is the person/people who created the initial idea and made it into a reality. In (JAWA) we have two original founders who started the clan back in 2004 called Matt and Iniowe. Both of the original founders of the clan vanished around the same time back in 2004/early 2005 and so the clan has been without its founders for the majority of its time.

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Matt was the brains behind the clans foundation back in October 2004. He was actively interested in recruiting people to join the clan, but on a very personal level to the point where he would train other members up as best as he could. Nobody ever had an issue with Matt and he always took the time to listen to people and hear them out. He is the guy that recruited SiLink into the clan back in December 2004, one of the clans first recruits who went on to lead the clan for over a decade and was also named a founder back in 2014 during the clans 10th birthday. He initially vanished in 2004, returned in 2005 and then vanished again for nearly 10 years before being found by SiLink on social media. He has since vanished again, but will hopefully make another return in the future.

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Iniowe founded (JAWA) alongside Matt but whilst he is recognized as a co-founder, he didn't actually do a great deal for the clan in its first months. He was rarely ever seen by any of the members, including Matt. Iniowe was last seen promoting SiLink to Full Member, which at the time was the highest rank in the clan apart from Leader, he commented about how he no longer liked the game and basically didn't care much. He is the longest known member of the clan to never return.