Guys vs Girls TFFA

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 Name: Guys vs Girls TFFA
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Team Free For All
 Players: 4+
 Map(s): mp/ffa3
 Introduced: 23rd April 2007
 Founder(s): Jasp




This event is quite simple, in a TFFA gametype the teams would be made up of all girls and all guys. The two teams would fight it out in a classic TFFA style event!

  • This is a standard TFFA match.
  • Captains will pick the teams in a dodgeball style. 1:1
  • One team will be all girls and the other all guys.
  • Host will determine, the frag limit, rounds, friendly fire, and force for the match.
  • The team who reaches the score limit will be victorious.