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 Aliases: Helena Revan
 Joined (JAWA): 2nd March 2007
 Pathway: Light Sentinel
 Forum Profile: Helena Revan
 Skin: Download jedi_hfr3.pk3
 Lightsaber: Consul
 Quote: "The Force fights with me!"


 League Wins
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On the 12th December 2021, during the (JAWA) Honours and much to her surprise, Helena was welcomed back onto the Council once more.
On the 10th March 2019, Helena decided to step down from the (JAWA) Council. Helena's been an outstanding Council member for over 11 long years. Her long time dedication has not gone unnoticed. She's more than cemented her legacy in (JAWA), she paved the way for many former Councils and even Leaders, over her long tenure.
On the 27th February 2008, Helena was presented with the rank of council for her hard work with in the clan, and for her determination to do the best she can. This was presented with this rank by the Council.
On the 5th November 2007, due to her loyalty to the clan Helena recieved the rank of Disciple but as you may be aware if a member passes her Elite trials and obtains the Disciple rank or vice versa then that member automatically obtains the rank of Master. This rank was given to her by SiLink.
On the 5th November 2007, due to her loyalty to the clan Helena recieved the rank of Disciple.
On the 18th August 2007, Helena passed her trials and was given the rank of Elite by SiLink.
To Helena's surprise, she was ranked up to Guardian on the 2nd June 2007 by Yami.
On the 31st March 2007, Helena was ranked up to Knight by Drako.
Helena was ranked up to Jedi on the 13th March 2007 by Caelum.
On the 2nd March 2007, Helena was welcomed into the clan with the Initiate rank by Mario.

Elite Trials


Helena first joined the Jedi Academy community in February, 2005, training in SP as Jaden Korr. About June of that year she entered the MP Universe. Her early experiences led her to Capture The Flag on the Wild Jedi server, where she remained until that group began to break up. She then found a home on the Meatgrinder OJP server, playing Capture the Flag, Jedi Master, and Siege, and eventually learning FFA and TFFA. While there she first encountered members of the (JAWA) Clan, as well as current OOTR member Zee, who was a regular on the Meatgrinder server. This community began to break up when the Meatgrinder began running the OJP Enhanced mod on a regular basis.

After the Meatgrinder began running OJP Enhanced full-time, Helena looked for a new home within the JKA Community, and found the (JAWA) Server about August, 2006. Having previously met (JAWA) members on other servers, she decided to stay for a while, even though she had never played on a full-time FFA server before. In those first days she met Drako, Caelum, SiLink, Reyveign, and Jasp, whose kindness convinced her that she had found a home.

Although she made many friends in the (JAWA) Clan, Helena's past experience made her wary of clan membership, and she remained unaffiliated for several months, despite repeated invitations to join from high-ranking clan members. She became a sort of "honorary" (JAWA) and was even allowed to participate in clan matches. The graciousness and respect accorded her by the (JAWA) Clan finally convinced her to apply for membership on February 20, 2007. With the help of Caelum, Jasp, and Mario, her application was accepted, and she became a full member of the clan on March 2, 2007.


 Hall of Fame
Helena Revan was inducted into the (JAWA) Hall of Fame by SiLink on the 14th December 2007 Here is what SiLink and others said about Helena Revan:

Helena hung around the (JAWA) server for some time before joining, from what you may of read in her story, she had bad past experiences in other clans and was wary of joining. When Helena decided to join everyone was happy because at the time everyone thought she was just teasing us not knowing why she was wary of joining. Helena rose up the ranks at an average rate and was very respectful towards every rank up she received. She was and still is very helpful with suggesting new ideas and pointing out flaws on new suggestions or ideas. Helena is one of our best admins on the server as she takes time and effort to explain everything to new guys and even to cocky individuals who do not want to listen. After passing her Elite trials in August 2007, Helena became better and better at dueling and in November 2007 she received the rank of Disciple for her loyalty to (JAWA), combining the two ranks made her become one of the very first Masters of (JAWA). She is always calm and helpful, an example of her helpfulness is how much time she spends teaching players in the weekly (JAWA) School and (JAWA) night school. Proud to have you aboard Helena :).


Helena Revan is a very nice person, and a good Yellow'ist. She's good at Telling whats on her mind, and has an open mind. She is also very good when it comes to English, she's almost like a dictionary (no offence). She's a talker, meaning she talks allot (my opinion :P) and actually that's one of the reasons I like her ^^


She's a great friend. She's also very nice to everyone. She very helpful in almost everything she does. Helena is also one of the best duelists I've seen. Thx helena for teaching me yellow and congratz, u deserve it and ur also a very good admin. :D


Well, Helena has always helped me, no matter the problem! She is an amazing friend, a good mentor, and a wise person overall. She even helped me get in the clan! Well, Helena, You're amazing! (she even taught me proper grammer xD) Thanks, and Congrats!


Well i know i am just a Padawan but i just want to say how helpful, thoughtful and at the same time funny you are.It didnt come a suprise to me when u got the rank of master for being so helpful.Anyways i think you really deserve a postition in the hall of fame, and may you progress even further in the clan. Well Done Helena.


Helena has always been an amazing member and always cheerful bringing fun to whatever server she's on. Even before I was in (JAWA) she always was willing to lend a helping hand for whatever reason. She deserves every bit of her two contribution awards, hall of fame, and so much more for her amazing work on the (JAWA) map, her teaching in (JAWA) School, Etc (The list is endless).


I started out in this clan looking at the Council for inspiration for what I could achieve and what was required from me as a member. Helena, Like SiLink was one of the council who when they walked into the room, you immediately knew who they were and what they represented. Since I joined Helena has shown a lot of great traits as a member and as a council member. It is my pleasure to work alongside her and the council simply wouldn't be the same without her. I hope to work alongside her for a long time to come. Thank you for your continued hard work, even after all these years.


 Contribution Award


Helena is receiving this award for her help around the clan, she has worked hard to make this clan the best it can be. Although she had a hard time adjusting to working the way a Council Member should, she has since learnt how to handle the position very well. The majority of her help has been put into things like WikiJawa and (JAWA) School where she has spent many many hours working on both. I'm not going to lie, Helena has gotten on my nerves a lot since she received her council position ^_^ however her concerns and suggestions are always listened to and taken on-board even when she thinks otherwise ^_^. There is no doubt that Helena has put a great amount of time into the clan and to be honest we don't really acknowledge it enough so... I hope this goes towards showing how grateful I am for your hard work.


This is the first time anyone has ever received a Contribution Award twice. The reason for this award is to recognize all the hard work Helena has put into creating the (JAWA) Temple map. She has spent a huge amount of time getting it built and making it look perfect by getting feedback from visitors, members and allies and correcting mistakes or implementing suggestions. Myself and Helena have had maaaany disputes over the map, mainly over what design would have the best outcome but in every one of those disputes we've always come to an outcome that pleases both of us. Helena Revan, you are receiving this award for all your hard work and time you've spent creating the (JAWA) map.


Helena is one of our longest standing members of this clan and has done a lot over her career. This award goes to Helena for her outstanding work that she has put into the new (JAWA) Honours map, giving the clan a new place to host all future award ceremonies. This marks the third time that Helena has received one of these awards, and this award is definitely deserved for all the effort she has put into this map on and off over the past year. We are extremely greatful for the work that you have put into this, Helena and we can not wait to see what you do with it next!

-TheDoctor and Crysophylax