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The Beginning
The (JAWA) Clan was created in October 2004 by 2 players, Matt and Iniowe. The clan was always on the ClanWarriors server due to its nice staff and great atmosphere. Matt was the main Leader and was definitely the most active. He was a very nice player, he would train anyone who needed it and was friendly to all. Some of his first recruits stuck with the clan for a long time such as Eclipse and SiLink. Iniowe vanished one day and hasn't been seen since, he was last seen ranking SiLink up to a full member in January 2005. Matt strived on and kept the clan alive but he also suddenly left without a trace leaving a few members confused and without a leader. These members vanished one by one leaving only SiLink left.


After all the members of (JAWA) left, SiLink was made an admin of the ClanWarriors server and helped manage the server, keeping lamers and abusive players out. He always wore the (JAWA) tag throughout his JKA career and never took it off. SiLink was mainly searching for his Leader (Matt) but never came across him. In the end, Gage (The ClanWarriors owner) told SiLink to stop waiting and told him to lead the clan, so he did but it was poorly managed and everyone SiLink recruited left within a week. SiLink then took a time-out from leadership to see what he was doing right and wrong, when this time-out was over he recruited a new team of players who stayed loyal for a long time. During this time, (JAWA) and a couple of other ClanWarriors hosted clans (Gods of Sith & Eternal Starwars Legends) formed an alliance, this was the first time (JAWA) had made any form of alliance with another clan.

Going Good, Going Bad

Things in (JAWA) were going great and a lot more members were staying loyal. Throughout this process, (JAWA) recruited some of its loyalest members such as Kel, Draggy and Podoplovik.. Old member Eclipse also returned and it was a fresh new start for (JAWA). However the good days didn't last very long....

Things in (JAWA) were going great, however SiLink did not see what was happening deep inside the clan as he has never lead a community as big as (JAWA) before. The clan was getting too large and way too difficult to manage alone so SiLink decided to make a new rank called Council and issued it to 6 loyal members (Kel, Battousai, MaStEr, Eclipse, Dark and Sirius). These 6 changed the clan’s course slightly however it was just too late to stop the inevitable from happening.

The explosion of members suddenly became an implosion as many left due to the way the clan was being managed by SiLink and the other council members at the time. Battousai, Shouru and Sirius decided to leave the clan after SiLink never supported them when they were arguing with the ClanWarriors owner Gage over controversial admin decisions, they went on to form Concordance of Fealty.

This was the killing blow to the slowly dying (JAWA). SiLink, Kel, Dark and Eclipse were doing everything possible to stop the death happening but unfortunately the clan just could not take any more and over 50% of the members left including Griffin, Assassin. Exile, 1UP, Yoshi and Wodec who also went on to form a new clan called Berzerker Blitz Academy. During this process the Founder, Matt surprised everyone and returned to aid SiLink with his leadership tasks, but unfortunately it was too late and the clan died in December 2005. This was thought to be the last time that Matt would returned to the clan, however Matt rejoined (JAWA) in July 2013.

Federation of Jawa

After the death of (JAWA) many loyal members wanted to stay put and not leave the good stable community behind. So loyal members Kel and Draggy made a new clan called Federation of Jawa (FoJ). This was going great but wasn't really taking off. SiLink then made an announcement that (JAWA) would make a comeback, this made all (FoJ) members very very happy. SiLink promised that the clan would not die again and that it would be full of new features.

The Rebirth

(JAWA) was back and was better than ever with features such as the monthly (JAWA) League. SiLink then promoted Kel to a Leader and aided him with leadership tasks. The new (JAWA) meant that a new Council would form, and as promised SiLink released the names of the council members a week after the rebirth. The members chosen were Shinobi, Fluffy, HI and Chrono. Later on more council members were chosen, they were Podoplovik, Draggy, Xibios and Drako. This big team helped SiLink and Kel get the clan right back on its feet and better than ever.

A Merge of Clans?

The Berzerker Blitz Academy (BBA) clan was facing destruction and the new leader LordGrom and SiLink got together and talked about the future of their clan. After going through a few things that could be done to prevent the death of (BBA), SiLink suggested that (BBA) could merge back into (JAWA) to keep the community alive. LordGrom agreed to this and set up a poll on (BBA) and so did SiLink on JAWA. The votes shown that a merge was going to happen and so it did. The merge looked fine and worked out really well until a few (BBA) members decided to stay and try to revive the clan (which isn't a bad thing). The Ex-BBA members decided to go back to keep the clan alive.

Return of the (JAWA)

After many months since the failed merge, (JAWA) had become very active again like it once was. The Leaders made sure that the clan did not turn into what happened in the past and put strict recruitment guidelines in place. It was recorded that in less than a month over 50 applications we're made to join (JAWA). During the time of the activity boom, the server was ranked one of the best due to always being filled with players and was never empty. SiLink came up with the idea to form a Committee where selected (JAWA) members would be able to see updates before they we're released. This gave members the opportunity to voice their opinions on the updates and gave us feedback on how to improve them. The committee members are there to give their opinions based on how they think it would affect them as (JAWA) Members. During the activity boom, Xibios was given the rank of leader and Kel returned to leadership also. This means that ideas do not come from SiLink directly anymore, they go through the process of Leaders > Council > Committee > Released. Sadly around this time, Draggy and Chrono (long time clan members) left the clan and were seen without the tags on the forum and server occasionally. (JAWA) has now established itself as a known JKA clan and most players in JKA have either met a (JAWA) member or have heard of it. Sadly false rumours are also spreading leading to false images being built of us, we ask that you get to know us before you judge us on hearsay as there are many sad players out there that feed false rumours or facts that have been twisted dramatically to their friends or others they know.

The New Era

(JAWA) is approaching its third year as a clan and much has changed since the rebirth and improvement of the clan. The New Era consisted of good and bad things. Good being the formation of tons of new features including this wiki, an FAQ, formation of new alliances (OotR, RGD and UAF) and a lot of new faces. Features like The Committee were removed due to the time it took for features and suggestions to be released, it also saw a lack in activity. Hall Of Famers such as Xibios also left the clan, we wish them the best of luck in the future. Kel also went on a very long leave of absence due to problems outside of the game. While sadly a lot of legends have left, a lot have returned from the past such as Firebreed, Draggy, Chrono and many more. The biggest thorn in CoF and (JAWA)'s side was the fact that we never really got along, but that all changed and CoF leader TYR and (JAWA) Leader SiLink met on the Rift Sanctuary map and came to terms on peace and friendship. Many great things have happened since the return of the clan but a few bad things have happened too. Paranoia is THE worst thing a clan can ever go through as it spreads a lot of worry and makes others panic. 2007 saw a lot of paranoia and caused a few people to leave the clan. These problems where quickly dealt with and the clan was assured that it was just paranoia and rumours spread by individuals that did not know what they were talking about, and insists that all members should come to the Council or a leader if they have a problem, as they do not take criticism as a negative but as a positive to help shape themselves and better themselves. After the paranoia, it put the entire clan down in to one big sigh, eventually things were lifted by the addition of new features, council members and new members. The New Era had begun...

The Fourth Year

The clan is currently in its prime with many loyal members staying in the clan and many newcomers shining in the clan. It is clear that (JAWA) will not be going anywhere for a very long time. During the course of the third year many things have happened such as new alliance formations with C and UAF who have proven to be very very friendly allies. (JAWA) has also formed an alliance with it's old enemy CoF, as mentioned in The New Era, TYR and SiLink came to an agreement and the two clans became neutral, a few months after this happened, (JAWA) approached CoF about possibly forming an alliance and eventually CoF agreed. Sadly (JAWA) had to disband it's alliance with OotR due to the behaviour of the leadership at OotR, for more information on (JAWA) dissolving the alliance Click Here. New Council Members have also appeared during our third year such as ShadowFire, Wilkey, Valtar, Z and Helena Revan. Old council members also returned to their positions such as Zantos, Podoplovik and Yami. Sadly SiLink had to remove Kel from the clan due to his extreme inactivity, he has not been seen much since before his removal. SiLink brought some new features to the table during (JAWA)'s third year such as the Contribution Award which is rarely given out and The (JAWA) Awards which is held in December just before the new year, to see who won what in 2007 go to our (JAWA) Awards 2007 page. The ranks of the clan have also undergone changes such as the addition of the Apprentice rank which now resides in-between Padawan and Jedi, the addition of the Senator rank which was later removed due to it not fulfilling it's purpose and the removal of the way Initiate dictated which rank a new member got upon entering the clan, it is now just a standard rank. The future is looking very bright indeed for (JAWA) as it heads into it's fifth year as a clan.

The Fifth Year
A group picture during the 5th year celebration!

(JAWA) has just finished celebrating it's 5th year birthday where many members (past and present) got together to celebrate half a decade of being a clan. The celebration took place on the new (JAWA) Temple map. The fourth year of (JAWA) was a very interesting one, we had new Council Members crowned (Pearl and Tao) who have done a really good job so far. (JAWA) has also formed a new alliance with Hazardous Cool Cats who have proved to be a very nice group of people. Sadly we had to remove two alliances this year due to their extreme inactivity (Knights of Honor and Unity Among Friends), (JAWA) hopes they will one day return to activity so a new alliance can be formed. As mentioned above, after many attempts (JAWA) has finally got a map! This has been in the (JAWA) To-Do books for many years and was finally built by Helena Revan and Zid. Lots of awards have been given out this year such as the Hall of Fame which was presented to Z, Valtar, Tao. and Fox. Due to the huge increase of help from members, the Contribution Award was given out a lot more than usual this year, it was presented to Helena Revan (Twice!), HeXagon, Pearl and Cole. (JAWA) also tried to introduce a Teacher/Student system this year which sadly did not work out in the end and was later scrapped. (JAWA) opened applications for members to become Outer Clan Ambassadors and from those who applied, 3 were selected who were Dizzy, Runner and Cole. Many clan members felt that the rank Apprentice was not suitable in the rank system, after many polls it was decided by the members that the rank would be renamed to Adept as it was felt that it fit into the system a lot better than Apprentice did. We are now into our sixth year as a clan, which is a big accomplishment indeed, and with member numbers being larger than they have been in many years, the future is still looking bright for (JAWA)!

The Sixth Year
The 6th year Grand Picture

As (JAWA) enters it's 6th year as a clan, we take a look back at the 5th year and it sure has been a jam packed year! Lot's of members have returned such as Kel, Draggy and Wawel. Quite a number of ex-Council Members also returned to their positions this year including Podoplovik, Kirby, Tao. and Z but sadly Podoplovik and Tao. stepped down again soon after due to activity issues.

Our 5th year will probably be most remembered for the amount of new council members we've had such as Zu, Celkath, Geek, Jazzy, Cole, Aemi, Proxy and Valis. As well as new councils, we've also had a lot of Ambassadors this year as well such as Zu, Valis, Falcon, Jazzy, TC..., NorthStar and Shadow.

A new rank was introduced early on in the 5th year of (JAWA) called Lord, this is given to council members who step down after being in the council for over a year. New alliances have also been formed with Knights Reborn and Myth but sadly Myth died out not so long after the alliance was formed. A few old features made their return in the 5th year including the (JAWA) Post which is now run by Zu and Admin School which was lead by Helena Revan. A milestone in donations was reached around the middle of the year with an amazing $1,000!!!, SiLink would like to personally thank everyone who donated over the past 6 years as it's kept the clan alive for sure.

Valtar, Kirby, Vultax, Runner, Falcon and Zu received the Contribution Award that year. Two people were inducted into the (JAWA) Hall Of Fame this year, those are Cole and Pearl.

A few new things were introduced to (JAWA) this year including a new server tracker which was custom build for (JAWA) by Falcon. A second server dedicated to events was also introduced to take pressure off the main server whenever there was an event people didn't want to participate in. WikiJawa also has had a huge facelift this year with an overall new look and a redesign on many pages including the (JAWA) League pages. The (JAWA) Temple was finally completed by Helena Revan later in the 5th year and has received very positive feedback from the clan and visitors. The 6th year was surely one to remember and with activity still very high, (JAWA) continues to look positive going into it's 7th year.

The Seventh Year
The 7th year Grand Picture

To say our 7th year started off in a bad way would be an understatement. Shortly after our 6th year birthday celebrations we heard news that the Jedi Academy master server was down and was likely to never return. At the time this was a very large blow to the clan as it meant that the server list would not be there any more, thus new players could not connect without a direct IP. Luckily a small group of players including Raz0r and Caelum banded together, brainstormed and came up with the idea of making their own master server, and releasing it as an unofficial Jedi Academy patch. This would not be perfect by any means, but it would allow people who were curious enough to find the solution to actually see the server list. An employee from Ravensoft eventually fixed the problem, everyone breathed a very big sigh of relief as things went back to normal. For their contributions to the Jedi Academy community, both Caelum and Raz0r received Contribution Awards as a thank you from (JAWA).

The seventh year also brought a ton of WikiJawa updates including new profile page designs, the Random Events Database, a long overdue About Us page, an Elite Trials page, an Awards page, renaming (JAWA) Awards to The (JAWA) Honours, Testimonials, On This Day added to the Home page and a new Council Members page.

There were many council member additions and returns this year as well. Proxy, Aemi, Valis, Diab, Fox, Ford, NorthStar and Bandeth became new council members whilst Z and Kirby returned to their positions!

Several new features were added to the clan this year including the Participation Award which is sort of like an employee of the month award which is given out every month before the (JAWA) League to somebody who has worked hard for the clan in that specific month. Falcon designed us a new countdown timer for upcoming events which is currently on the forum header, it allows everyone to see EXACTLY when an event is taking place so that nobody would ever be confused about event times due to timezone differences. A new (JAWA) Logo was created by SiLink midway through the year which can be found at the top of this page. SiLink and other council members felt that a few of our most basic systems were starting to appear very dated, so everyone sat down and started brainstorming ideas and in the end a new admin system was created which meant that potential admins could apply, be taught how to use admin and experience what it's like to be an admin under the guidance of a supervisor. Along with the new admin system came Event Planner and Ambassador systems which gave members a lot more control over how/when events would be taking place inside and outside the clan. A common complaint in the clan was that the custom maps (JAWA) had were starting to become a little boring and needed replacing, this met a lot of opposition so in the end it was suggested that we replace a map every month with a new map the clan hadn't tried before. This was a huge success and it seemed to bring balance to both sides of that argument. TeamSpeak was also introduced this year which allows members to communicate via voice. The elite trials also got a little bit of an update when the number of Trial Masters increased from 3 to 5, making the judging system a lot better overall.

In late February/early March SiLink and Elite Jedi Academy leader Jathan got together and discussed the relationship between the two clans. It was quickly agreed upon that EJA and (JAWA) needed to have a lot more interaction. In early March, TC announced there would be a EJA/(JAWA) tag team tournament which later took place on the 20th March 2011. Before the tournament took place Jathan and TC had agreed that the two clans should become allies after the tournament took place if everything went well. As planned everything went well indeed and on the 20th March 2011, EJA and (JAWA) officially became allies! On the 5th May 2011, Scr3am approached Peacekeepers about the possibility of both clans getting to know each other more through a series of events and meetings. After a few weeks (JAWA) was invited to participate in a VIP game which turned out to be very successful. Billy and SiLink met to discuss the possibility of an alliance straight after and a few days later on the 5th July 2011, the alliance became official!

A lot of awards were given out this year including two Hall of Fame medals, which were given to Zu and Aemi for their long loyalty to the clan as well as their big contributions. Speaking of contributions, there were a lot of Contribution Awards given out this year as well including Razor/Caelum as mentioned above as well as Gravitas, Zu, Kirby and newcomer Ivanova.

This year was the year of bold decisions. Mid way through the year SiLink announced that he was allowing new clans (who asked for permission) to recruit on (JAWA)'s server freely to gain new members. This became very popular however sadly the 3 clans that signed up quickly faded into inactivity and died off due to a lack of interest in their clans. Another bold decision this year was the announcement that (JAWA) would be erasing it's entire ban history and every IP banned since 2006 (1,600 IP's) would be removed and everything would be refreshed. This was a risky move but paid off as activity increased dramatically the following few days afterwards, which was quickly maintained by the larger number of admins introduced through the new admin system.

Many goals and milestones were reached this year, our forum hit 2,000 members, 1,000 updates posted, 20,000 topics and 200,000 posts. WikiJawa also hit 1,000,000 views, which is a HUGE accomplishment on it's own for any clan let alone a Jedi Academy clan. The clan also hit many milestones in general such as reaching 95 members for the first time since 2005, receiving 725 US dollars in donations, gaining 100 clan match wins and reaching 50 council members over our entire history.

2010/2011 was a very big era for (JAWA), we gained many great members and achieved many big goals. We set our sails for the 8th year, which will hopefully be as grand as the 7th year. We may come up against many challenges however I feel we're more than fit enough to overcome them and prosper through another 7 years without a doubt.

The Eighth Year
The 8th year Grand Picture
An alternative Grand Picture created by Ruxith including all current and some past members

The 8th year of the clan was by far one of (JAWA)'s most productive years as it brought along a whole list of new features as well as some back from the past.

On the 4th December 2011 it was announced a new yearly event called The (JAWA) Ladder would be taking place in February 2012. This currently holds the record for being (JAWA)'s largest ever event to date when 64 members entered a huge tournament where players would face each other in 1v1 competition (First to 3 out of 5 duels). This was won by Robin after a close match with Helena Revan in the finals. A couple of months later on the 7th April, Knightmare announced The Super 20 which would be a revival of The Power 10 with a few ideas based on the ladder and has proven to be a big success.

Probably one of the largest changes this year was our forum software which thanks to many people donating, was changed! We went from phpBB which we had been using for the past 6 years to IPB which thankfully was very well received by the entire clan, its visitors and allies. An addition to the forum was a new Downloads area which replaced the old wiki downloads page with tons of nifty features that made the whole experience much more visually appealing as well as more user friendly, it also meant people no longer had the leave the forum.

Our overall outer clan relations have improved quite drastically over the past year with the introduction of new allies Republic Galaxy, Allied Force Lords and Knights of Darkness. Sadly the alliance with KoD did not last very long as it became apparent their leader was trying to recruit (JAWA) member Lostris. As well as forming new alliances, (JAWA) has made an effort to become more familiar with other larger clans such as Exiled Knights, Jedi Phoenix and Elite Fighters of the Force through forming connections with members and organizing events between the clans. Continuing with our new clan recruitment programme, we allowed EJO, RGD and KoTp to recruit on our server to help build member numbers up much like ClanWarriors offered (JAWA) back in 2004.

As well as the alliance with Knights of Darkness ending, sadly the alliances with Peacekeepers and Elite Jedi Academy also came to an end. This was entirely due to inactivity on their part and there were no ill feelings when the alliances were officially broken. Earlier in the year it was decided that the clan would erase its BanIPs.txt file and unban everyone for the first time. This was to promote a clean slate as after 6 years the list had become filled with 1,600 banned IPs, and a lot of people were finding themselves caught in old range bans.

The council in general this year has become much more organized than previous years, there are now "managers" for every major area of the clan (E.g. Admin Manager) rather than it being unclear of who should take what responsibilities. A list of all council responsibilities was published on the Council Members page so everyone knew who to report to. Every month the council now holds a meeting, this is where SiLink will set targets for the managers as well as listen to feedback from their previous targets. As well as regular council meetings, the clan overall began holding regular meetings to discuss issues, suggest ideas and brainstorm in general. There will be 3-4 of these a year going forward.

Speaking of the council, this year saw the arrival of new councils and the return of some from the past. Wolfy, Robin and Ivanova became council members for the first time, Jazzy and Tao made their return to the council but sadly Bandeth, Knightmare and Geek decided to step down. Dopie, Walan and Knightmare claimed a Contribution Award for their separate contributions to the clan and Raz0r, Diab, and Kobra were entered into the (JAWA) Hall of Fame for their long time loyalty to the clan as well as their big contributions over the years.

Three big new features to make their debut this year were The Podcast, (JAWA) Animations and the (JAWA) Yearly Cards. The podcast was first produced by Diab however it was given to Dopie who made it what it is today and is listened to by many many members/visitors who like to keep in touch with what is happening around the clan as well as listening to banter between the members on TeamSpeak. (JAWA) Animations is managed by Kobra and is presented in a similar way to flash cartoons and they feature scenes from around the clan as well as regular appearances by members. The (JAWA) cards proved to be a very big hit with the clan, this idea was brought up by Dopie and designed/sold by SiLink via a professional trading card company to ensure good quality. The cards began with featuring 8 member cards and 2 "art" cards. 30 were ordered and sold to members (Big thanks goes out to Nightwing who purchased 12 packs for other members) and in the end the clan barely broke even, which overall is a very good result considering the shipping costs.

Activity during filming for Crikens Fun House
The 7th year is also the first time (JAWA) has had big exposure outside of the game itself. SiLink was informed that Criken/Oats were going to be making a new "Crikens Fun House" (Episode 2) which would feature Jedi Academy. SiLink approached both of them about using (JAWA) as one of their bases so that the clan could get some exposure and it'd allow them to be able to give their subscribers a place to meet up. SiLink asked Oats to remind their subscribers that we have rules and we'd like to request that they keep them in mind. This of course fell apart pretty rapidly and the server became absolutely filled with a mixture of Criken subscribers, random visitors, members and allies... In total the clan hit 46 players across both the Main/Event server at one point making it our most active moment in history. Some additional footage was captured by Bro Team Pill (Fate of Jedi Academy) that can be viewed on YouTube along with the Fun House. Link was fully aware that it would be crazy, however both videos combined make up close to 1,000,000 YouTube views, which was far more than any one expected.

Other developments included the introduction of the applicant tag (@) at the start of applicants names, the announcement of a second (JAWA) map for 2014, Elite Trials/(JAWA) School reforms to mix things up, the addition of JA+ 2.4 Build 7 to the server, new Home, Rules, History, Members, Donations, Profiles, Elite Trials and Council Member wiki pages, a new (JAWA) League dart board, the return of Signature of the Week and the discontinuation of the (JAWA) Toolbar.

Overall this has been one of the best years the clan has seen, there is much more efficiency in terms of the council getting things done and there is much more of a community feeling where everyone is trying much harder to help each other by contributing their time, ideas and energy to the clan.

The Ninth Year
The Ninth Year Grand Picture

As always the (JAWA) Year starts from the 1st October, the year is 2012 and the clan is about to begin one of the most memorable years of the clans existence. The grand picture this year as shown to the right was taken by our newest leader Nightwing. This year has seen many changes around (JAWA), including forum updates such as our Calendar and the introduction of a ‘Media’ section for our Official YouTube channel. Later in the year we witnessed a complete re-structure and organisation mix-up of the index to better match up sections of the site and increase readability and a user friendly interface.

With a new year we also witnessed some ventures into competitive aspects of JKA, including ESL. Sadly this didn’t take off as much, as (JAWA) seems to be more formatted for a social clan and competitiveness seems to somehow kill that side of the clan. The (JAWA) Ladder took place in February and although this year it struggled, we still managed to get the contest complete and for future events we saw Dopie design new medals for the event which should encourage more participation for the next tournament. The clan hit a large milestone in terms of views on the wiki this year, with WikiJawa as a whole reaching 2,000,000 views. I am proud to see that our wiki is one of the most up to date wiki’s throughout JKA, with our entire history recorded, our members are never forgotten even after they leave the clan.

This year saw a new feature of (JAWA), the yearly interviews, this will be done with Leaders of (JAWA), but may occasionally include interviews with members. We hope to see some good information coming from these interviews and hopefully will give the members insight into the thought processes of those responsible for running the clan. (JAWA) Clubs was a new addition this year, and although we had some older groups we have now merged them under the title of clubs and a few more were brought under the umbrella. The clubs were set to add a new pathway for the members, something that they could contribute too and give their time to (JAWA) without always focusing on events, Server Admin or Council responsibilities.

As mentioned briefly we received many council members over the course of the year, with some leaving and some stepping down. I am happy to say that as of this year we have a very approachable council and hope that the members are able to communicate with us just as effectively as they would each other. We have had a lot of issues this year with guests, but as always (JAWA) is able to keep going and hopefully work with the guests in order to make the server and forum a better place to be.

The clan went through something new this year, we saw Nightwing be promoted to Leader by SiLink, something which had not happened for six years previously. Nightwing then went on to take full leadership of (JAWA) after SiLink sadly had to step down to focus on his real life commitments.

On top of this, we had a lot of people join the (JAWA) Hall of Fame this year, some of which include Dopie, Ivanova, Shadow, Northstar and Nightwing. This is always a good and positive announcement to make and gives a great morale boost to those involved. Not only are they remembered as positive contributors, but they will be placed throughout our history and can share in the fact that they achieved and contributed a lot while in (JAWA).

(JAWA) received Clan of the Month by Mog's Blog in April 2013 and was proud to see that the clan is still getting recognised as a constant throughout the JKA community. With the clan being as old as it is, we constantly have to re-evaluate our rules and this year we have seen some of them change or be adapted to meet the current needs of the clan. We hope that we are able to keep our rules relevant and most importantly that they are protecting our members, server, and forum in the most efficient way.

The clan once again went under some changes this year, including the role of ‘Captain’ being made official in clubs, where a specific member was chosen to assist the clubs managers with day to day running of the club. The Elite Trials were adapted once again into a mix of old and new procedures and set ups. The elite trials now allow for 2 additional trial masters to be selected to perform a trial, these trial masters are selected from the Council, Elites or Masters of the clan. This feature is something we wanted to push through as it would give our skill ranked players a chance to contribute their skills to the clan and furthering the advancement of other members. We hope the trials system will be successful in all the hopes and goals we set out to achieve.

This year saw something which we all never thought would happen, we saw the return of one of (JAWA)’s founders. Matt, returned to us this year and caught everyone by surprise, his application topic was one of the most contributed too of all time within (JAWA), and 40 members cast votes on this application poll and was closed within 24 hours. It is always good to see a founder return to a clan years after and see what it had become, we only hope that SiLink and all the past, present and future members produced something which surpassed Matt's hopes. We hope he will stay with us for a while to come.

The (JAWA) Meet and Greet went down successfully this year, with Yunie as the host it shown us the potential of our members and gave us insight into new and old players. This hopefully brought people closer together and I hope that we will be able to do this again soon.

This year saw a massive revamp of our admin system, with our admins being told to reduce the use of binds and to focus on talking with people rather than shouting rules at them. This may have been a difficult exchange for our admins to go through, but both Nightwing and SiLink were confident that this was the right move for the Admins to go through. The admins have never been better in my opinion, they have been performing to high standards lately and have somewhat reduced the amount of admin interference and situations were solved quickly without much disturbance.

We also saw once again the ban list erased and everyone’s slate somewhat wiped clean, although this was a largely controversial move by the leadership, it was for the best and was planned two years in advance. We have seen an increase in server activity lately and have an increase in trialists, initiates and applicants once again. I do believe that although the situation could have been handled differently, the removal of the ban list was the right thing to do at the time. Somewhat of a admin refresh for the whole clan. Regardless of those difficulties many of our admins were able to handle the challenge well and have managed to keep the peace just as well, if not better than previously. This year alone we have seen a large increase in content being created for (JAWA), including two new large maps in the works with potential for many more ingenious creations for the future and safeguarding of the clan. I am happy to see so many contributions towards creative projects such as videos, skinning, mapping and unrelated projects being shown to the clan. The clan has some great members at work every day to make content for our clan to enjoy, some notable additions would include a new ‘Valis’ Variant map, a tag team map and a very successful map for the (JAWA) meet and greet which went down swimmingly.

The Decade
The Tenth Year Grand Picture

Phew, what a year that was! As always, the clan has been buzzing with all sorts of things! Some good, some bad... but in the end we've made a great deal of progress and I would like to share with you what has been happening this year leading up to our decade birthday.

The Hall of Fame has been a very busy place this year, with six people going into it! It is rare for so many to go in within the space of a year however as I hope you'll agree, they have more than deserved it, so with that being said please congratulate the following people who entered this years Hall of Fame!: Nightwing, Shadow, Valis, Wolfy, Duster-Man and Lacey. Let us not forget those who also received our prestigious Contribution Award this year: AngelModder, Nightwing and Ruxith! Finally, on the subject of awards, Helena Revan passed her fifth year as a Council Member and the Leaders felt it was only right that she was given a special and unique award, so they got together and came up with the Clan Enrichment Award which as of this history entry is still a bit of a work in progress but recognizes extremely hard working achievements that can't be given out with conventional awards after they have received Hall of Fame.

Diplomacy was a big subject this year and unfortunately we lost two of our allies to inactivity. Long time ally Council Clan unfortunately exited the game due to them all being busy with things outside the game and Republic Galaxy soon followed who closed their clan earlier in the year. As well as this, we formed an alliance with Keepers of The Peace however they unfortunately shut their doors as well in 2014. Although we were never allies, I think it is only right that we mention Jedi Phoenix in this entry, because they also closed their doors in 2014 after 8 years as a clan, we wish them all the best beyond Jedi Academy and hope that someday all of these clans can come back to the game.

There have been A LOT of changes in the council, by far the most changes in the clans history so it will be difficult to go into much detail so I will keep this bit as brief as possible. The following people stepped down from council, some after many years of service: Zu, Lacey, Yunie and Dopie. We had a lot of new blood in the council as well including McFish, Arceus, Starkiller and KanGy! Mixing new and old blood is pretty important, so we brought back some experienced council members such as Bandeth, Lostris, Jazzy, Pearl and Zantos. Speaking of Zantos, after he became a council member, he was quickly promoted to leader! Why? Well not only did he deserve it, but also because SiLink stepped down from leadership after 8 years. Zantos went on to lead the clan for nearly a year, around the time SiLink returned to his position. Speaking of which, as the birthday for the 10th year happened, it was announced by both Zantos and Nightwing that SiLink would be recognized as a Founder!

Nightwing created a grand picture featuring over 122 members past and present.

Clubs have been a big focus this year. It was decided that due to inactivity, The Super 20 would be declared dead and an old feature would be reborn called The Power 10 that would be put in its place. Speaking of inactivity, the (JAWA) Knights was also killed off as clan matches during 2013-2014 were not as frequent as they should had been... so now the clan has specific people in charge of finding matches and any one can participate. The (JAWA) Dojo also took a hit as people sadly lost interest in it, a lot of players missed the old methods of teaching so it was decided to bring back (JAWA) School in its place. (JAWA) Videos (Formally (JAWA) Movies) made an epic comeback thanks to a great effort by all the team members involved, lots of videos have been made and it became one of our most liked and active clubs in the clan. The (JAWA) Mentors was born but also sadly took the bullet and was replaced by specific council members handling the aims that it set out to achieve. The (JAWA) Podcast made its much anticipated return thanks to Diab and the team! Finally, (Phew, so much club activity!) The (JAWA) Post, one of our most active and long running clubs in our history hit a huge milestone with its 50th edition!. This can only be described as amazing and from everyone in the clan I'd like to thank the team past and present for their amazing work over the years, it is very much appreciated!

Our server has had some major facelifts this year, more so than any other year by far. We moved hosts a lot during this time but thanks to Caelum who started his own server company called JKAServer (Which later was sadly closed) we had some very secure homes this year which protected us from a lot of attacks... this, on top of OpenJK being installed, made our server much more playable than it was years prior. We brought back our event server but later that year decided to shut it off, simply due to costs... this isn't the last time you've seen the event server however for now we just can't afford two. Probably one of our biggest changes though was moving the clan from JA+ to JA++, whose author is former clan member Raz0r. This mod has proven to be a winner in the clans eyes and has saved many clans from the usual attacks that would normally take a server offline/crash it. Whilst the damages are a work in progress due to Slider not releasing the source code for his damages (That we used for nearly 10 years), they are more than tolerable and a lot of people are finding them much better overall (Although this is debatable among players). Speaking of former member Caelum, we would like to congratulate him on creating his own company called Big Truck which has been quite a success!

Other little bits to mention: Our Server Information page hit 300,000 views!, we re-launched the (JAWA) Store, Signature of the Season was born!, Signature of the Week Grand Gallery was also born, (JAWA) started using Twitter and monthly mentions became a thing when Nightwing decided to thank people who missed out barely on a Participation Award.

Overall, a pretty busy year indeed! But there is one last thing to mention. We are heading into our TENTH year as a clan, a whole deacde as a Jedi Academy community! That alone is impressive and on behalf of everyone in the council and leadership I would like to thank all of the 500+ members that we've had over the years for their continued support, without them this would be completely impossible.

The Eleventh Year
The Eleventh Year Grand Picture

That was one hell of a year for the clan! We have seen a lot of changes this year and have seen members new and old returning to us. The year started out with our decision to reluctantly end our alliances with Azuma Zaibatsu, Allied Force Lords, and Concordance of Fealty. It's never easy to let go of alliances, yet we felt it was the right time. We still extend our hand of friendship to them should they return to the game in a more active capacity. We also saw Nightwing created a new version of the grand member picture, past and present featuring 223 members this year!

Grand Picture - Past and Prestent Version 2 - Featuring 223 members this year!

After losing three alliances we formed another alliance with Saber Force, a clan centered around the italian community and we hope to have a very long and prosperous alliance with them. After much discussion the leadership changed the Super 20 to the Power 10 in the hopes of increasing activity and participation. Upon review of the year our clubs have been doing very well, with new members joining and more and more output from these clubs being released.

This year we also saw some of our members receive Hall of Fame awards, these include: Bandeth, Ruxith and Gravitas. However we also saw Salazar return to the Hall of Fame and our first clan to be entered into our Hall of Fame: Angels of Fire. As part of awards, we also saw Asulynn receive a Contribution Award for all their help with supporting the clan. The Clan Enrichment Award became an official award to give out to those who have shown great contribution and have received pretty much every award possible for their contribution. This award first went to Helena Revan and Ruxith shortly after. The Hall of Fame page got a complete make over with bigger more amazing pieces of art were created to replace simple mini icons of the members of the HoF. This was a part of the reason Ruxith received the enrichment award.

This year also saw Zantos step down as Leader, the galactic hub being created on the forum and the site turning to Patreon as a payment method for funding (JAWA)'s costs. In turn we also merged a lot of our artwork into a single page and created Memes and Moments on our wiki where members and guests could get an inside look at our jokes and moments of importance in our clan.

After a discussion between leaders and Council, it was decided to change back to JA+ from JA++ this year. We also saw the announcement of the Central Map being built for the clan. This would become a map much like (JAWA) Temple where we can gather and host (JAWA) themed events. The forum was also updated this year to a brand new forum version which gave us a lot of opportunity to improve our forum with add-ons.

The (JAWA) Arts Club created the arts showcase as part of their club, and releases this once per month for the clan to enjoy. On the theme of art, we also reached 300 Signature of the Week entries this year, which a great milestone. Version 30 of the skinpack was released to the clan this year.

This year also saw ranks being removed during the big clan shake up and Teamspeak become more popular again! To sum up this year we've also had quite a few council changes such as: Dace, Ironskull86, Shogun, System, Gravitas, Starkiller and Arceus.

That's it for this year, we've had a very busy year and a lot more intense news and updates to come including big changes for the clan!

The Grand Fireworks of 2015

The Twelfth Year

Another year, gone... In that time we experienced some dramatic changes and new elements being introduced to the clan. In December of 2015, we held the (JAWA) Honours which had new victories all around, including Shogun, Duster-Man, Nightwing, Diab, Ironskull86 and more. Following this, in January we welcomed Galactic Pirates (Created by Pearl) into alliances and generating events and matches for us to enjoy. With the final of the Clan Shake-up happening, we experienced the release of The Cyan Trials, which have been growing steadily over the last year.

Sadly, come to February and we witness the resignation of SiLink once again, who stepped down as Leader of the clan to focus on his real life, once again leaving Nightwing as sole leader. Alongside this, we witnessed Matoro claim victory in the (JAWA) Ladder. This year we presented Aya Solari with a Participation Award, Duster-Man and Wolfy with Contribution Awards, which were amongst a few others who received awards this year, including some being placed in the Hall of Fame. McFish, Dace and Starkiller were inducted into the Hall of Fame, all of which have given the clan their time, energy and service as council members. All three of these have made an impact on the clan that we will not easilly forget and we thank them again for their service and contribution as councils and members of the clan.

The clan meeting follows with some interesting ideas and discussion happening on our server, as always with the meeting, they can last a long time. We saw ideas such as new banners being introduced, with ideas like 'roles' and 'titles' being discussed with some feedback to work with. We also saw the entirety of Season 6 of the Podcast finish.

However with some good news, SiLink having completed his real life goals, was invited back into Leadership along with Nightwing. Which lead to the creation and implementation of one of the biggest JKA Anniversary Tournaments. The tournament had several prizes, including a steam gift card, in-game sabers and server hosting.

Towards the end of the year, we moved our official group from Skype to our official Discord server, set up by Nightwing. We have also implemented a bot which helps us with announcing things like Twitch and Reddit posts, changing from Skype/Teamspeak to discord allowed us to move on from spending money on Teamspeak. Allowing us to later implement a new idea which came after this year. As a bit of trivia, since 1st October 2015, we've had over 160 rank change topics created on our forum, which includes admin, rank ups and more.

This was a great year, with a lot of changes and while we continue to grow and create new and exciting ideas and functions around the clan, we will always remember where we came from and what makes (JAWA) a great place to be. We had a great birthday with a good turnout, as you can see from our grand picture this year.

The Grand Picture 2016

The grand picture worked out really well this year, with people finally listening and learning how to stand in a line, where directed by Nightwing. Since we didn't have on last year due to the rank changes, we decided to do a Promotion Lottery for Padawans, which went down very well. Followed by fireworks and a small racing event to top off the evening.

We've also seen a change in the council, with Ironskull86, Duster-Man and Dace stepping down. However we also saw some great council members come on board, which includes: Aya Solari, Cronus, Frosty, and Jacobie. So far, this council have come together really well and we're excited to see where our current council will take things. We have a good work ethic with a lot of us working well together in all aspects of the clan.

The Thirteenth Year

This year has seen a host of different members come and go in the clan. As always this clan thrives on an ever changing member pool with new voices coming and making their impact on the clan. We've seen new members come onto the Council and start to really leave their imprint in how the team work together. At the start of our (JAWA) year we saw a bunch of our rules being revised and sorted through to ensure that our clan rules were up to date and functioning in best possible way for our server and members alike. We also saw the start of the JK:JA Anniversary Tournament with Water & OMG its St@rTy!!! which was massively successful earning the victors rewards that were graciously given by a few donors in and outside of the clan. We had a custom saber hilt by Rooxon, free server hosting for a year by Caelum and gift cards that were funded by (JAWA) and others.

We also saw a string of people receive many awards, Nightwing, Neitus, ASD and SiLink who received a Contribution Award each for their work with the tournament & Twitch hosting. Later in the year Frosty & System also received a Contribution Award each for their work as a council member. Furthermore we saw Zarrn take his place in the (JAWA) Hall of Fame.

As the year progressed we introduced one of our exciting new features, the forum points. The points system reflect how people are rewarded on the forum as well as the wiki, whether it's through normal posting or receiving awards like contribution or Participation Awards. Most of the big awards come with forum points which in the future will also effect other things like special titles on the forum, coming 2018. This was first introduced as a way to measure peoples contribution on the forum and to the clan in general, giving the members another way to receive awards or praise for their contributions to the clan and a way for forum guests to see those who had done a lot for the community. We also saw a shift in our alliances this year with Azuma Zaibatsu coming back and Angels of Fire being retired as a ally after they closed shop. As always the (JAWA) Honours went off with a big hit this year, with the introduction (later removed) of a map for the ceremony. The winners this year included Nightwing, Shogun, Helena Revan, Aya Solari and Legion who all received one or multiple awards in different categories.

The Grand Picture 2017

A very big change this year included the promotion of one of our council members to the position of Leader. Jacobie became the 15th Leader alongside Nightwing and SiLink, however SiLink shortly stepped down again and retired to focus on real life once more. This left the newly appointed leader alongside Nightwing. As the new leader, Jacobie started to take on more and more responsibility and more of the duties that SiLink performed for the clan, cementing himself in the role and as a well known member of the clan. At the (JAWA) birthday celebration this year, Nightwing gave Jacobie a contribution award as previously mentioned for his outstanding work since being promoted to leader. This would also spark a new meme in the clan, where members started bringing up sith ranks and which Nightwing later turned into a meme in order to get across to people that these ranks would not be coming back to the clan whilst he was leading it.

We also saw one of our members reach a huge milestone in the clan, which also sparked a few new tiers of awards for the 5 years member award, we now have up to 20 years as a member award to give out, at each 5 year marker. Helena Revan reached her 10 Year anniversary as a member which we are insanely proud of her for achieving.

Nightwing's Grand Roster Picture

This year also marked another upgrade for our website, with a new, clean and sharp appearance worked into match our former style. This originally broke our site completely and Nightwing had to go in and try to recreate our theme from one that we had before. With the work of Nightwing and Jacobie we managed to fix the errors and crashes and bring our site back to full function and awesomeness. This upgrade would also allow us to test new features that we would be pursuing in the future with new ideas potentially influencing how we do things on the forum. Sadly with every year comes changes to the council and we saw Aya Solari and SeTh step down from the council, later to be replaced by Doc, Mooku, and the old one returning: Dragon.

All in all this year has been one of change and new beginnings with new leadership alongside Nightwing and new council members, we have a fresh team and are working towards building up our alliances and continuing to keep our clan strong and firmly set for our next year ahead. At the birthday, Nightwing set a bunch of goals that would be developed over the coming months and potentially give members new and exciting things to try out in the coming year.

The Fourteenth Year

This year in (JAWA) has been filled with a lot of drama and difficulty from the moment the birthday ended last year. There has been good and bad moments this year but I believe this year will be remembered as one of those less-than-fun years for the clan as a whole. Early this year we saw SiLink depart entirely from the clan, a big change for many who had known SiLink for years as (JAWA)’s Leader. It is never easy saying goodbye to someone who has been such an important figure in the clan, someone who took the clan after it's founders vanished and was instrumental in keeping the clan moving forward for many years. Not only this, but for some, it saw us say goodbye to one of our dearest friends and mentors. Despite everything that happend, it will always be looked at as one of this clans greatest losses.

The year started as it always does, with the (JAWA) Honours and this year we saw a number of people receive the honour. Doc and Natsumi received the Recruit of the Year award. Clan Member of the Year was also given to two people this year, Hy Pro Glo and Natsumi. Helena Revan received the recognition of Council Member of the Year and Admin of the Year once again, whereas Club Member of the Year went to The Doctor for his work with the Event Planners. It was Nightwing who received recognition as Comedian of the Clan, Skin of the Year, and finally Most Creative Clan Member. Natsumi also went home with a number of other recognitions including Most Compassionate Clan Member and Most Sociable Clan Member. The final award went to Water, who was dubbed the Most Skilled Clan Member.

In terms of Hall of Fames this year, Jacobie, Frosty, Robin and Ace were all inducted into the hall, each for their individual contributions to the clan and the impact they have made. Each of them will forever be remembered and recognised in the Hall of Fame. Nightwing, Diab and Chemist all received Contribution Awards for their work with the clan, each bringing a big about of work and dedication to the clan and ensuring it continues to push forward. Andanas, SephFF, Diab, Malgus, Arlu3n, Shinigami, Phobo, LoneStar, The Doctor, and Hy Pro Glo each received a Participation Award for their hard work and pursuit to help the clan this year and Misun received a special recognition award for the amount of support through donations he has given, something we do not usually award, but we wanted to give him a special thank you for his ongoing support.

That being said, a moment we will remember, is the forming of an alliance between (JAWA) and [NGN], two clans that have now been working together for over a year, we are super happy with our relations with [NGN], it’s members and leaders and I could not be more thrilled to have found another clan that we could continue to build everlasting relations with.

We also saw a number of alliances formed as well as [NGN], which include {SoF}, ( > + < ) and Èxile. We are looking forward to seeing how our communities can all work together to build a closer relationship between all of our clans.

The website went a little bit spooky in October, with the rise of the Halloween theme! This pleased quite a few people due to the dark nature and as we have always avoided having a standard dark theme, this is something we have developed for use each year at Halloween!

The Grand Picture 2018

A big shock for many this year, Nightwing decided to step down from leadership to take a much needed break from the role of leader. Nightwing had burned out completely and in his retirement appointed two emergency replacements to help guide the clan forward. Jacobie went into obscurity as he decided to take a backseat and help train the replacements so that Nightwing could step down quicker. It wasn’t an easy time and it was the first of a lot of drama going forward with how this happened, something that we are now past and can learn from.

In Nightwing’s stead, System and Doc became leader alongside Jacobie and together they lead the clan. After Christmas this year, Nightwing returned to leadership with Doc stepping down to focus on his real life, with System doing the same some time later. We had quite a few council changes this year with Cronus and Mooku stepping down from council, Andanas and The Doctor who was chosen to serve as a Council Member this year. However we also saw Diab and IronSkull return to the council and with Nightwing and Jacobie both returning to active leadership, the clan eventually started to recover from the turmoil and uncertainty that had taken place in the last 3 months.

Grand Roster Picture 2018 by Nightwing

These changes in some ways made some feel uncertain about the future of (JAWA) and it’s leadership, however over the past several months we have been working to make up for all the changes and continue to build on a stable future as a clan. At the birthday this year we saw many awards and recognitions be given out, and Diab was chosen to serve alongside Nightwing and Jacobie as a leader of the clan.

SiLink making light of a worrying website problem in November 2010

Our first forum was created on the 27th March 2005 and proved to be very active in its 4 day life span with over 200 posts. Our next forum was created on the 1st April 2005 on ClanWarriors and was our home for many many months and was where Matt (the founder) returned and sadly left very suspiciously. (JAWA) owes ClanWarriors a lot as without their forum or server then we probably wouldn't exist. Clanwarrior's server was one of the most popular clan home servers of all time as it harvested many big clans such as Klan Warriors, Gods of Sith, Eternal Starwars Legends, (JAWA) and many more. This forum lasted for 10 months and was getting too big to host so SiLink decided to host (JAWA) on his own domain and web space to save Gage (ClanWarriors owner) bandwidth. But because it was so big it had to be deleted and sadly we lost a lot of data and posts. SiLink set up a small web design business online and bought sjeweb.com, he then decided to host (JAWA) on this for a year and a half until he bought jawaclan.com and transferred the forum over, this meant that SiLink could add a lot of features he always wanted to add on the previous forums. SiLink changed from GoDaddy to a friend of GrizzlyBear called Hex which proved to be a great decision as our forum and wiki take a fraction of the time it did whilst on GoDaddy, the forums were also upgraded from phpBB2 to phpBB3 which improved everything greatly.

SiLink thought it may be a good idea to bring back some sort of website so that it may make the clan look more organized so he contacted Andur Sunrider who was more than happy to take on the role. Sadly when the website was presented to SiLink he wasn't happy with a few things which other members quickly pointed out too... Andur Sunrider made it quite clear that it could not be changed. During this time, (JAWA) dissolved it's alliance with OotR and Andur Sunrider immediately tried to remove information from the website as he was the leader of OotR and had access to remove certain features such as our ally server trackers... SiLink and the members at the time saw this as a very low thing to do and when it became clear no one ever even liked the website, SiLink decided to remove it for good which was the right decision to make.

In November 2010, the (JAWA) website went down for a few days and redirected to a parked traffic site, this worried a lot of members who thought the website had been hacked, sold or deleted. SiLink quickly made it clear that it was being resolved (Namespace error) and in the meantime to be patient. 4-5 days later the website finally returned back to it's normal state and resumed it's activity.

On the 11th January 2012, it was announced by SiLink that the clan would be moving from phpBB to Invision Power Board, this would mark the first big forum change in 6 years. Several months later, on the 5th May 2012 the entire website was moved from HexHost to JKHub due to the very noticeable speed difference, this was the first time in over 4 years that (JAWA) was on another web host.

Server Timeline
FW Gaming Servers


Mid 2005 - Late 2005

$37.50 (Monthly)

After the loss of the ClanWarriors server, SiLink didn't quite know what to do and was desperately looking for a new home for the clan. Eventually he stumbled upon FW Gaming Servers. This lasted for around 4 months and over time SiLink became less impressed with the service the clan was getting.



Late 2005 - May 2006

$20 (Monthly)

SiLink went looking for another server provider and was recommended by Fluffy to try NewBoyzGaming. After some research he was amazed at their prices for what he wanted and bought a server immediately. Sadly after only a few months SiLink was accused of being a "hacker", was called a "noob" for asking questions through the customer support area and was used as a test dummy for new features when complaining. It should be noted that Dark sent money to SiLink via the post to fund the server for which the members at the time was very grateful. After continual problems, (JAWA) left NewBoyzGaming.



July 2006 - June 2007


After a poor experience with NewBoyzGaming, SiLink approached Drako to ask if he'd fund a new server (Which he offered to do in the past). Drako agreed however at the time it seemed as if Drako purchased a new server for the clan but in reality he was double clanning in Eternal Knights under the name WhiteKnight and gave (JAWA) their server instead. (JAWA) would like to make it clear we were not aware of this and apologize for Drako's actions.

Alchemic Servers


June 2007 - October 2008


GrizzlyBear who was the leader of Renegade Clan and an ally at the time informed SiLink that he was starting up a server provider called Alchemic Servers. (JAWA) was offered a free server which SiLink quickly accepted on behalf of (JAWA) and was used for 14 months. During this time GrizzlyBear was given the Contribution Award for his kindness.



October 2008 - January 2009

$15 (Monthly)

Alchemic Servers experienced some financial problems due to the economy and was forced to shut down. SiLink immediately purchased a server from EscapedTurkey on the 13th October 2008 using donations from members however 4 months later due to a price and ping increase (JAWA) was forced to find a new server provider.



January 2009 - June 2009

$152.50 (Yearly)

SiLink knew of a few clans that were hosted on DSI-Gaming and so approached them for a quote for a Jedi Academy server. They came back to him with a very reasonable price and with the help of member donations the DSI-Gaming server was purchased on the 11th January 2009. DSI-Gaming was a very stable host with great customer support however in June 2009 SiLink was emailed by DSI-Gaming and was told our server was being moved from Atlanta to Dallas. This of course meant that pings would increase for the majority of the clan at the time as Atlanta is more centralized than Dallas. SiLink received a refund for the remaining part of the yearly bill from DSI-Gaming and left the company.



July 2009 - October 2009


After emailing well over 20 companies (For which most didn't reply) it became clear that most companies either didn't host Jedi Academy, were too expensive or were located in areas of the US that weren't appropriate for (JAWA)'s members at the time. Hex then offered SiLink a server for free which would be hosted in the same location as the website (Which Hex also provides for us). SiLink accepted the generous offer however after the server was moved from Washington DC to Texas several months later it became extremely laggy for the majority of the members at the time.



Main Server October 2009 - August 2010
Events Server October 2009 - January 2013

Main Server $15 (Monthly)
Events Server $15 (Monthly) / Free

SiLink decided to purchase a server from EscapedTurkey again however this time a second server (Events Server) was also purchased as well. Due to constant lag issues, (JAWA) decided to look again for another host. The Event Server however became free as an apology from EscapedTurkey for the poor service the clan received during this time and was used for over 4 years before security issues forced us to look elsewhere.

Art of War Central


August 2010 - November 2010

$26.93 (Monthly)

On the 30th August 2010, SiLink decided to move the clan to Art of War Central as they ticked all the right boxes at the time. After 3 months things weren't exactly going great as the server would crash on a daily basis. The support offfered by Art of War Central at the time had a lot to be desired as most of the time support tickets would go unanswered for days or SiLink would be told to basically figure it out himself. (JAWA) had no choice but to look for another host again.

Mammoth Games


November 2010 - December 2010

$27.20 (Monthly)

On the 26th November 2010, (JAWA) moved to MammothGames however it became obvious very quickly that things were just too unstable as the server would often lag during high traffic periods. MammothGames had great customer support but the lag issues were sadly too great at the time and the clan was forced to look again for a server provider.



December 2010 - January 2013

$28.51 (Monthly)

After a miserable battle to find a stable, reasonable priced server in a good location that hosted Jedi Academy SiLink stumbled upon LowPingGameServers. The price seemed high at the time ($31.68) however it became very clear that you got what you paid for. The customer support has always been excellent (Responded usually within an hour or two) and the pings have been the lowest we've ever had. Sadly after some security problems, the clan had to move elsewhere.

Gaming Deluxe


January 2013 - January 2013

$30.15 (Monthly)

Whilst still with LowPingGameServers, SiLink was given some advice by Elite Fighters of the Force councilor Shadzy about finding a reliable host that would be used temporarily whilst LowPingGameServers fixed the security issues they were having. Sadly Gaming Deluxe also had the same issues and after a week, the clan was forced to look elsewhere. The customer support of Gaming Deluxe however was superb, but sadly couldn't cater for our needs at the time.

Amazon Web Services


January 2013 - April 2013

$Varied (Monthly)

After some unfortunate attacks on the server which LowPingGameServers could not handle, SiLink moved the clan to Amazon Web Services following Caelum's advice. The pricing and control you get is second to none, although that control does come with a steep learning curve... The pricing varies per month due to the nature of the server, ranging from $7 to $40 which overall makes quite a large saving over the year. Due to it being completely ours, we don't often need support from Amazon, but when we do they're very helpful. Due to an error on the part of SiLink and Caelum, the server costs spiraled completely out of control on Amazon Web Services to a point where the server cost us $180... luckily they refunded us.

Ubiquity Servers


April 2013 - Present

$6 (Monthly)

After the price scare with AWS, it became clear we needed somewhere which had a fixed price whilst offering the same amount of protection. Caelum suggested Ubiquity Servers which has so far turned out to be a very good move, especially for the price... which is the lowest we've ever spent on a game server.