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 Name: Jousting
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 2+
 Map(s): Any / JAWA Temple
 Introduced: 2006
 Founder(s): Unknown




A daring game between combatants as they attempt to hit one another in a traditional game of Jousting. However unlike it's predecessor, this tournament requires you to kill your opponent and so, the stakes are highly than ever before. You will face a one on one jousting session untill all participants have taken part. As players fall to their opponents jousting prowess, the winners of each match will advance onto the next round and prepare themselves to face their next opponent. Many tactics include slaying the beast or destroying a players vehicle, this however will not completely defeat your opponent, as they may attack you from the ground until one player remains.

  • This is usually a tournament event.
  • Host will spawn tauntauns, swoops, or wampas, but you will need council admin for this.
  • One by one, two people will "duel" on their vehicles or beasts and try to kill each other.
  • If someone dies, the other person is the winner and they will move on.
  • If the vehicle or beast dies, the particpant may continue to fight until one of the participants are dead.