King of the Hill

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 Name: King of the Hill
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 3+
 Map(s): Any / Jedi Council GCX 2010
 Introduced: 8th August 2006
 Founder(s): Myth




Participants fight for the title "King" of the hill by kicking everyone else off of the platform. The current King does his best to survive and keep the non kings' at bay, while everyone else tries to be the one to deliver the killing blow. Will you brute force your way and attempt to knock the King to his doom? Or, will you cunningly remove the competition as the King nears death in order to deliver the fatal blow?

  • This is a melee only event.
  • First person at the King of Hill will be decided by the Host. (First to the correct room or by picking)
  • Each person will be attempting to know you off the "Hill" witch is the platform in the balance room.
  • You may only use the melee kick, not the flip kick.
  • The longest person who can survive holding the "hill" will be declared the winner.
  • Note: Host must designate a time keeper and an admin to be the teleporter.
  • 2nd Note: If you fall when trying to get to the hill, you may amsay to notify the admin you need a teleportation back to the room.