Last Jawa Standing TFFA

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 Name: Last Jawa Standing TFFA
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Team Free For All
 Players: 4+
 Map(s): mp/duel5
 Introduced: 30th July 2009
 Founder(s): Kirby




A mixture of LMS and Gauntlet, each team will have members lined up, and each team will have a different saber color. Once the countdown reaches one, one member from each team will leap high and land into a cataclysm of saber fighting. The last person standing earns a point for his/her respective team.

  • This is a event is where one of the competitors from each team will jump in the middle to fight.
  • The host will decide what type of Last Jawa Standing TFFA event will be: Lightsaber styles, guns, and/or force.
  • Host will countdown and fire the signal to start.
  • The competitors will fight until there is only one standing, and they will be declared the winner.
  • You may tag your team in and out, before you die, to keep stratergies alive.
  • Winner with the most rounds will be declared the definitive winner of the event.