Rancor Hunt

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 Name: Rancor Hunt
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All & FFA
 Players: 4+
 Map(s): CTF Maps
 Introduced: 26th May 2015
 Founder(s): Nightwing




This event came about after being inspired by MOBA's, the idea is for each team to hunt down and kill the other teams 'Rancor'. Whichever team kills the other teams rancor wins that round and they return to base. Each round lasts for as long as there are both rancors alive and/or if the players of one team are no longer alive. There are many ways to play this game, think of it as a CTF where you have to kill the flag instead of bringing it back to base.

Hosting the Event
Hosting this event will require a Council Member to spawn rancors. Remember Rancors can be spawned in TFFA mode, so feel free to use this for ease of team chat.

  • Requires Two Teams, chosen by Captains selected by Host
  • Each team has a Rancor that the other team has to defeat to win.
  • NPC Spawning ability is required.
  • The Host will select two bases, one for each team.
  • Jetpack and Grapple will be disabled
  • Pick ups Disabled
  • You must enter spectate if killed by the Rancor.
  • You may respawn if killed by an enemy, how many times is down to the host.
  • The weapon choice is decided by the host, usually it is sabers only.
  • You must kill the enemy rancor to win the game. Even if all the enemy team dies. You must still kill their rancor.