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 Name: Roleplay
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 6+
 Map(s): Any
 Introduced: 2nd June 2009
 Founder(s): Edgar Khoul




Role playing or RPG will see players take on roles that may consist of many natures, species or creed. While each player will be a different character with different or similar goals to each other, they will work together to achieve the goal set by the host. The host will usually set their goals and or give information for how to proceed with the chosen Roleplay. This is no ordinary game, and will test your creativity and ability to follow plot lines and interact with other players.

  • Each Roleplay is unique in its own way and is explained thoroughly by the host.
  • Roleplays can go from guarding a Jedi master from the Sith to an open world roleplay where everyone takes on a role and interacts with each other.