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Our goal is to make our server and forums friendly and enjoyable for both members and guests. In order to achieve this, we've drawn up the following rules. They apply to everyone, from first-time visitors to the experienced clan leaders. We've sorted them into broad categories, to make it easier to find the rules for each type of activity, but within each category we've attempted to explain the rules as clearly and accurately as we clan.

These rules exist so that everyone can have a better experience. We realize that other servers have different rules, or no rules at all. If you prefer to play without rules, our server may not be the best place for you. There are other servers you can visit that allow a wider range of activities. However, if you disagree with a rule or how it's being implemented, you're free to suggest an improvement by contacting a member of the (JAWA) Council, or posting on our forums.

On the server, you may report violations to a Server Admin by opening the console (using SHIFT-Tilde [ ~ ]) and typing "/amsay <name> is <insert rule breaking here>!" Your message will only be seen by the admins. If no admin is available, you may post a report in this forum.

We want everyone to feel that they can trust our server admins and forum moderators to do their jobs fairly and impartially. But nobody's perfect, and mistakes will happen. If you believe that a rule has been wrongly applied, or that you've been treated unfairly, please contact any member of the (JAWA) Council, or one of the (JAWA) Leaders. Your report will be kept in the strictest confidence.