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Signature of the Week Information

About SotW

Signature of the Week is a contest held every two weeks on the (JAWA) Forums, in which entrants compete to produce the most appealing signature based on the theme and requirements for those two weeks. Common themes include current events, movies, television, literature, artistic styles, and abstract ideas. Once all of the entries are in, a poll is posted in which forum users can vote for their favourite signatures, based on the entrants' graphical skills, composition, creativity, or simple preference.

Signature of the Week has its own forum, containing past and present contests and polls. The competition's current hosts are IronSkull86 and RoseTyler. Please direct any questions to either of them via private message over the forums. Whether you're interested in joining the competition yourself, or just want to look at each week's creative output and provide feedback to the artists, we hope you enjoy Signature of the Week!

How To Enter

To participate in the current Signature of the Week competition, all you have to do is post an original signature based on the current week's theme! Anyone may submit an entry; participation isn't limited to clan members. Here's how each week's contest works:

  1. Each week, a new thread is posted for that week's Signature of the Week contest, indicating the theme and any special rules or requirements.
  2. Entrants create signatures based on that theme, and upload them to an image hosting site, such as Imgur or ImageShack.
  3. Using the link from an image hosting site, entrants post their signatures as replies to that week's thread. Entrants may include an "artist's note", describing their signatures and how they were made.
  4. Contests usually end after one week, although the deadline may be extended if people are still working to finish their signatures.
  5. Once each contest has been closed, a poll will be entered allowing registered forum users to vote and give feedback on their favourite signatures.
  6. Polls are usually closed after one week, and the entrant whose signature received the most votes is declared the winner!
  7. Current and former (JAWA) Members' WikiJawa profiles list all of their SotW wins under "Clan Accomplishments", and awards can be earned for five, ten, fifteen, and twenty wins!

Entry Rules

  • Unless otherwise stated in the rules for each contest, signatures are limited to 500 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall, and should be less than 2 megabytes.
  • All entries must be produced by the submitter. It's fine to render images or use backgrounds you found on the internet, but you must do something creative, such as adding a border or lettering. Unedited images created by someone else will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be original. Past work cannot be re-entered.
  • You may use screenshots as entries, but they must be edited to comply with the size requirements and other rules.
  • All entries must comply with basic forum rules. Nudity, offensive language, and other adult themes or references are not allowed.
  • The contest host is entitled to decide whether individual entries comply with the rules, and to make exceptions when appropriate. The host has full discretion to extend contests, modify the rules for individual competitions, disqualify entries that fail to comply with the rules, or ask participants to edit or re-submit entries.

Voting Rules

  • Anyone may vote in Signature of the Week. Voters do not have to submit entries in order to participate!
  • Voters are asked to vote based on the signatures themselves, and the work that went into producing them. Please vote for signatures because you like them, not because you like or dislike the artists!
  • Participants may not vote for their own entries. Violations of this rule will result in the entrant's vote being disregarded, although the entrant may cast a new vote for a different signature before the poll is closed.
  • Please consider leaving feedback for the artists! As long as your comments are constructive, they can help current and future artists continue to produce new signatures and improve their techniques!


Signatures can be made in a variety of ways: by editing a render, photo manipulation, stock editing, 3-D modelling and effects, abstract art, painting, or animation. Unless otherwise stated in the rules for each contest, artists may use any medium, including graphics editors such as Photoshop or Gimp, MS Paint, or traditional media such as pen, pencil, crayon, paints, pastels, photography, or collage! Any artistic output can be scanned or photographed and used for a signature.

Tools: A number of graphics editors are available for signature making. The two most widely used are Photoshop and Gimp.

Photoshop: a versatile editing program from Adobe Systems. The latest version of Photoshop is CC2018, which must be purchased or licensed. However, an earlier version, Photoshop CS2, can be downloaded free of charge.
Click Here for Adobe Photoshop version CS2

Gimp: a free, open-source graphics editor, Gimp can do almost anything that Photoshop can. Click Here for Gimp

Tutorials Countless signature-making tutorials are available over the internet, but several (JAWA) Members have taken the time to create their own tutorials!
Runner's Tutorials and Resources: Click Here
Runner's Signature Tutorials: Click Here

History of SotW

On February 11, 2006, IronMan, then known as "Junkie," launched the first Signature of the Week competition, announcing the theme as The Pink Panther, in honour of Steve Martin's 2006 remake of the classic Peter Sellers film, which opened that weekend. Three entries were submitted, and the winner was Sand, who went on to win five of the first thirty-two contests, as well as hosting several early competitions. From there, the popularity of SotW steadily grew, with five entrants the second week, and seven in the third. After the first month's results, it was clear that Signature of the Week would be a regular feature from then on!

But things haven't always gone smoothly for SotW; at times interest has dropped off, and new approaches have been tried in hopes of increasing participation. There have been special themes with advance notice; Screenshot of the Week competitions, and even drawing competitions. Still, by November, 2008, there came a point when it looked as if nobody was interested in continuing the contest, and SotW was to be discontinued after contest #100, announced as the final Signature of the Week competition. An astonishing nineteen entries were received for the grand finale, which, as it turned out, was a harbinger of things to come!

In light of overwhelming interest in reviving the contest in some form, a poll was held in December and January concerning what sort of signature competition members and guests would be able to participate in. With the vast majority in favour, on February 4, 2009, Zantos announced that the new competition would be held every two weeks, under the title of Signature of Two Weeks, or So2W! But by the time the first So2W was opened on March 1, 2009, it was decided to expand the competition to both signatures and other forms of creative artwork, under the title of The Colosseum, with individual contests retaining the numbering from SotW, beginning with Contest #101.

Although participation was strong, new contests were held a bit inconsistently, averaging one new competition every three or four weeks from 2009 to 2011, when a concerted effort to introduce new ideas to The Colosseum resulted in the Drawing Competition, managed by Zu in eight rounds from January to August, 2011, and a screenshot competition, beginning with Contests #133, 135, and 136, which were called Screenshot of the Week, before the Screenshot Contest was spun off on its own, running through October, 2011. Several other special contests were held during this period, one of which was the Signature Contest, consisting of Contests #137 to 139. With so much interest in artwork, and signatures in particular, after a three-year hiatus the competition once again became known as Signature of the Week, beginning with contest #140, in November 2011!

Today, SotW is as popular as ever. While not every contest draws a lot of entries, many themes do inspire members, allies, and guests to submit their artwork. We hope that this gallery will inspire new and original art, as well as serving as a monument to all those who have contributed their time and creative spirit to our family!


The first host of Signature of the Week was IronMan, who oversaw the first nineteen contests, from February to June, 2006. From that time, SotW was overseen by Draggy, Kel'Born, and Silver, who became the regular host until October, 2006. Toroto oversaw the competition until March, 2007.

As Toroto departed as host, Kel took up the reins once more. With help from Sand, Yami, and 89T, he saw the competition through to October, when Zero became the regular host. Although he oversaw a number of creative contests, Zero's tenure was a short one, as Zantos became the regular host at the end of November.

Except for February and March, 2008, when Zero returned as host, Zantos oversaw SotW for two years, through the transition to The Colosseum, and finally stepping down July, 2009. Yami also substituted on a regular basis during this period. Z and Tao saw the competition through the beginning of 2010, when Zantos filled in again for a few weeks. Kirby hosted the competition from April to July, 2010, before handing the reins to Zu.

Zu oversaw the competition for ten months, during which The Colosseum once again became Signature of the Week. He also hosted the Drawing Competition during this time. Zu stepped down in May, 2011, when Geek assumed responsibility for the clan's longest-running art contest! From then until March, 2012, Geek brought his own sensibilities and creativity to SotW. When his tenure ended, he was succeeded by Kirby, who saw the competition through to December, with occasional help from Knightmare and Wolfy. Just before Christmas, Nightwing became Signature of the Week's principal host!

In March, 2013, Nightwing turned the competition over to Ruxith, who hosted SotW through June, when Zu returned as host until August. Yunie hosted SotW from August to December, 2013. Nightwing filled in for a month in January, 2014, then Zantos again from February to April, when McFish began his first stint as host, bringing his experience as an outstanding artist to the job! Lostris took charge of SotW in October, and saw the competition through to the new year.

In January, 2015, Gravitas assumed responsibility of Signature of the Week, serving as the principal host for the next two months. When he became unable to continue, Helena Revan filled in as host from April to July, alternating with McFish in June and July. McFish became the principal host once more from the end of July to early September, when IronSkull86 began his tenure as the latest host of Signature of the Week!! His tenure came to a close at the end of July 2016. In the first week of August Aya Solari took over as the host of Signature of the Week!!

In June, 2017, Doc started his tenure as the newest Signature of the Week host. Later on, Doc passed the respobsibility of SotW manager back to IronSkull86 when he returned to the (JAWA) Council in December of 2017. During the week of May 14th in 2018, Diab took over Signature of the Week duties due to Iron being on an LoA. After Irons LoA was up he returned to his duties and is still the current Signature of the Week manager.

IronSkull86 would remain as host until he retired from (JAWA) on the 16th March 2019. At that point Malgus took over until his retirement on the 28th April 2019. Chemist filled in for a week or two during Malgus' tenure. On the 30th April 2019, Andanas began hosting Signature of the Week and was joined by RoseTyler a week later. Signature of the Week is now co-hosted by Andanas & RoseTyler.

In December 2019, our dear friend and co-host, Andanas passed away. This left RoseTyler as the sole host until she was joined by LoneStar after he was welcomed onto the (JAWA) Council on the 7th December 2019. SephFF replaced LoneStar on the 8th March 2020 due to a role shake up when new Councils were brought in. Signature of the Week is now co-hosted by RoseTyler & SephFF.

About This Gallery

Since Signature of the Week debuted in February, 2006, more than 250 contests have been held, inspiring members, allies, and guests to create memorable artwork. Sadly, much of that early work has been lost, as friends we once knew moved on, computers crashed, and accounts expired. Although our collection of SotW winners is nearly complete, many other worthy entries deserve to be remembered and made available for viewing. This gallery is an archive of all existing SotW entries, dating back to the very first contest, collected and made browsable for everyone!

Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to recover all of the wonderful entries that have been submitted over the years. There are still significant gaps in this archive. We've scoured the forums and contacted as many of the original submitters as we could, in hopes of filling some of the gaps in the record, and we've successfully recovered a number of the lost signatures. Many of the entries will probably never be found. But you can help; if you run across an entry that isn't pictured here, or if you yourself created one of the lost submissions, or know someone who did, see if you can find the missing artwork, and make this archive that much more complete! <br.
We hope that you enjoy this collection of artwork. Entries, like themes, run from the serious to the inane, of all artistic styles and abilities. You'll see artists' styles evolve and change; new techniques acquired and new themes explored. But one thing they all have in common; the creative energies of the people who worked hard to produce them. Please take some time to explore this gallery, surely one of the finest legacies of our community!

Gallery 1: SotW #1 – 100
 SotW #1: The Pink Panther
 SotW #2: Online Games
 SotW #3: Mortal Kombat
 SotW #4: Tekken
 SotW #5: Marvel Comics
 SotW #6: Capcom
 SotW #7: DC Comics
 SotW #8: Disney
 SotW #9: Favourite Game
 SotW #10: Movies
 SotW #11: TV Shows
 SotW #12: Advertised Items
 SotW #13: Animé
 SotW #14: Gift to a Member
 SotW #15: Kindergarten
 SotW #16: Final Fantasy
 SotW #17: Renders
 SotW #18: Renders
 SotW #19: Tribute to Salazar
 SotW #20: Dragonball
 SotW #21: Self-Made Present for Link
 SotW #22: Naruto
 SotW #23: Freestyle
 SotW #24: Real Life People
 SotW #25: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
 SotW #26: First-Person Shooters
 SotW #27: Vehicles
 SotW #28: Star Wars
 SotW #29: Abstract 3-D
 SotW #30: Freestyle
 SotW #31: Movies
 No entries were submitted for this contest.
 SotW #32: Soldiers, War
 SotW #33: X-Men or Spider-Man
 SotW #34: Tekken
 SotW #35: Nintendo
 SotW #36-ish: Final Fantasy
 SotW #37: Animals
 SotW #38: Music
 SotW #39: Freestyle
 SotW #40: Marvel Comics
 SotW #41: No Renders
 SotW #42: Jedi Academy
 SotW #43: Star Trek
 SotW #44: The Simpsons
 SotW #45: Tribute to (JAWA) Allies
 SotW #46: Comedians
 SotW #47: Capcom
 SotW #48: Computer Software (no games)
 SotW #49: Kindergarten
 SotW #50: Natural Disasters
 SotW #51: Insects
 SotW #52: Horror
 SotW #53: Halo
 SotW #54: Your Country
 SotW #55: Call of Duty
 SotW #56: Soul Calibur
 SotW #57: Renders
 SotW #58: Spongebob Squarepants
 SotW #59: Anything Goes!
 SotW #60: Christmas
 SotW #61: New Year's
 SotW #62: Hitman
 SotW #63: Favourite Nintendo Character
 SotW #64: Final Fantasy
 SotW #65: Assassin's Creed
 SotW #66: Bioshock
 SotW #67: Mass Effect
 SotW #68: Valentine's Day
 SotW #69: Devil May Cry
 SotW #70: Cars
 SotW #71: 300
 SotW #72: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
 SotW #73: Zelda
 SotW #74: Half Life
 SotW #75: Fictional Characters
 SotW #76: Celebrities
 SotW #77: Jedi Academy Model or Skin
 SotW #78: Iron Man
 SotW #79: Space
 SotW #80: Favourite Band
 SotW #81: Super Mario Characters
 SotW #82: Grand Theft Auto IV
 SotW #83: Team Fortress 2
 SotW #84: Army of Two
 SotW #85: Wrestling
 SotW #86: Metal Gear Solid
 SotW #87: Pokémon
 SotW #88: World of Warcraft
 SotW #89: Gears of War
 SotW #90: Batman: The Dark Knight
 SotW #91: Wall-E
 SotW #92: No Renders
 SotW #93: Animals
 SotW #94: Capcom
 SotW #95: The Force Unleashed
 SotW #96: Favourite TV Show
 SotW #97: Halloween
 SotW #98: Kirby
 SotW #99: Sprites
 SotW #100: Anything Goes