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Jedi Academy includes a large number of non-player characters, or NPC’s, originally designed for the Single Player game, but also spawnable in Multi-Player. There are two commands for this, one to spawn persons or creatures, and a second to spawn vehicles. The first command is /amnpc spawn <name of NPC>, and the second is /amnpc spawn vehicle <name of NPC vehicle>.

Spawning NPC’s requires more of a server’s resources than ordinary game-play, and can cause lag. A few NPC’s are unsafe to spawn in Multi-Player because of their coding, and may cause players or the entire server to crash. Overspawning of NPC’s, particularly large and complex ones, such as rancors, may also cause a server to crash. For this reason, only higher-level admins are given this power on most servers.

Custom NPC’s are also available and come with some maps. Generally these are safe to spawn if everybody on the server has the map or NPC in question, but anybody who does not have those NPC’s will crash when they are spawned. Some players may be unable to connect after a custom NPC has been spawned, even after it has been removed. If this happens the map or server may need to be restarted.

All NPC’s can be removed from the server at once by using the command /amnpc kill all. However, it is also possible to remove one NPC at a time, if the NPC has been assigned a name. This must be done at the time of spawning. For instance, if one wishes to spawn a speeder bike that might later have to be removed, one could enter /amnpc spawn vehicle swoop_mp lightning. Here, “lightning” is the name assigned to the speeder bike, which can then be removed using /amnpc kill lightning, without harming any other NPC’s in use.

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