Tag Team FFA

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 Name: Tag Team FFA
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 8+
 Map(s): Any
 Introduced: 13th November 2007
 Founder(s): Helena Revan




Multiple teams of two are vying for victory, and your only ally is your partner. As a classic tag-team game mode, you may tag your ally in and yourself out when you need a break to re-evaluate your strategy, or if you're very weak and near death. You can be the hero and kill both enemies without the help of your partner, or play smart and rotate with your partner to throw the enemy off.


Four or more teams of two players each. Before the event begins, each team is given a color and every player creates a bind that says "TAG". At the start of each round, every player begins with 125 hp and stands around the battle field. After the countdown, one player of each color jumps in to the FFA. Team-mates are allowed to tag each other in for as long as they survive. When a player is killed, they must wait on the edge until the next round. The last player standing's team earns a point.