Tag Team Tournament

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Tag Team Tournament

Type Difficulty
Tournament Intermediate
MapBespin.png PickupsOff.png WeaponAny Lightsaber.png

The Tag Team Tournament is the sixth event in the league. It also takes place on the Bespin platform. Teams will be selected at random by a randomizer, this is to prevent powerhouse teams from forming and for members to get to know each other better. When all teams are made, everyone should bind TAG <name of the second player in the team>.

For example, if SiLink and Helena Revan were one team, and Helena Revan wanted to bind TAG to the E letter, she would do this in console: /bind e say TAG Link. When all that is done, the organizer will enter the names of the participants into the randomizer and it will automatically make the brackets. Then he/she will call out names like this: A and B versus C and D! (where A,B,C,D are names of the players). Then only 1 member of each team enters the platform. The 2 of them fight, not in duel mode. You can press your TAG bind whenever you want, and when you do it, your other team mate will enter the fight and you must go to the edge of the platform as soon as possible. When a member of a team is killed, he/she can return to the platform and watch, but cannot be tagged in that round again. When both members of a team die, the round is over and those two must spectate. If you are killed during the round, but your partner wins it, you can fight normally next round, when your team is called out again. Depending of the number of players playing, there will be quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. The team who wins the finals, is declared the Tag Team champion!

  • Those wanting to participate will be asked to form a straight line in the middle of the platform on Bespin. The organizer will then take down the names of those wanting to participate.
  • Teams will be randomized and called out. Once your team is read out they must go onto the ledge facing the Bespin platform whilst other teams are called out.
  • Team mates must bind "TAG" or something similiar to indicate a tag for when they want to tag in/out of a match.
  • Once the brackets are randomized using a program, the first match will then be announced. Participants must have 100/25 health/armour, the winning team will move up the bracket whilst the losing team will be eliminated and go to spectator.
  • Once a match is over, the winning team must respawn to regain their health.
  • If a participant falls off the edge then they will be eliminated from the match. Using grapple/jetpack is not allowed.
  • You may only use one saber hilt throughout the tournament, meaning you cannot change from single to duals, duals to staff or anything else.
  • Please try to remain quiet during the matches, if you need to say something or want to greet someone as they enter during a match, then use private messaging (/tell).

 January  Darman & Picco
 February  Redshadow & M3m0
 March  Niko & Perunamaha
 April  Redshadow & Xel
 May  Redshadow & Loki
 June  Ganjo & Perunamaha
 July  Picco & Ice
 August  Sherwood & Darman
 September  Misery & Ice
 January  Cronus & Picco
 February  Dragon & Shadow
 March  Helena Revan & Picco
 April  Sherwood & Rodiz
 May  Dragon & Picco
 June  Wolfy & Jacobie
 July  Water & Aya Solari
 August  Water & Zeus121
 September  Water & Perunamaha
 October  Aya Solari & Picco
 November  Misery & Perunamaha
 December  Helena Revan & Cronus
 January  Helena Revan & Joker
 February  Shadow & Zeus
 March  Acés & Cassidy
 April  Acés & Fransuave
 May  Starty & Wolfy
 June  Helena Revan & LoneStar
 July  Starty & Fransuave
 August  Cassidy (no partner)
 September  Sami & Helena Revan
 October  Cassidy & Helena Revan
 November  Fransuave & Darman
 December  Cassidy & Misery
 January  SephFF & Sami
 February  Starty & Babu Frik
 March  Helena Revan & Starty
 April  Crysophylax & Ecks
 May  Starty & Pandorum
 June  Jazzy & Dace
 July  Water (no partner)
 August  Wolfy & Darman
 September  Shadow & Rubaka
 October  Crysophylax & Fransuave
 November  Cassidy & Ansatsu
 December  Starty & Darman
 January  Sherwood & The Doctor
 February  Helena Revan & Anoek
 March  Shadow & Wolfy
 April  Redshadow & Anoek
 May  Natsumi & Rose Tyler
 June  Clear Insanity & Redshadow
 July  The Doctor & Redshadow
 August  Helena Revan & Crysophylax
 September  Crysophylax & Natsumi
 October  Natsumi & Bromista
 November  Redshadow & Starty
 December  Veilor & Starty
 January  Water & Ivanova
 February  SephFF & Doom
 March  Shadow & Hy Pro Glo
 April  Helena Revan (no partner)
 May  Redshadow & Chemist
 June  Redshadow & TheDoctor
 July  Ivanova & Robin
 August  Hy Pro Glo & Frosty
 September  Helena Revan & Robin
 October  Helena Revan & Redshadow
 November  Evok (no partner)
 December  Dace & Sovereign
 January  Frosty & Water
 February  Wolfy & Redshadow
 March  Seth (no partner)
 April  Frosty & Water
 May  Wolfy & Water
 June  Water & Bunny General
 July  Shadow & TheDoctor
 August  Redshadow & Water
 September  Duster-Man & Water
 October  Jacobie (no partner)
 November  Cronus & Starty
 December  Cloud9 & Sami
 January  Helena Revan & Matoro
 February  Matoro & Hannibelle
 March  Nightwing & Hochimoto
 April  Bloop & Matoro
 May  Matoro & Duncan
 June  Anoek & Zephron
 July  Matoro & Atlantica
 August  Matoro & Aya Solari
 September  Jacobie & Helena Revan
 October  Water & Anoek
 November  Jasp & IronSkull86
 December  Water & Redshadow
 January  Zu & Fente
 February  Jazzy (no partner)
 March  Helena Revan & ASD
 April  System & ASD
 May  Bloop & Nick
 June  Cronus & Bloop
 July  Bloop & System
 August  Anoek & Dace
 September  Xanatos & Frothen
 October  Xanatos & Jasp
 November  Bloop & Frothen
 December  Helena Revan & Cronus
 January  Duster-Man & Wolfy
 February  Duster-Man & Giffy
 March  Jazzy & Talon Senatu
 April  Jasp & Xanatos
 May  Helena & Bandeth
 June  Xanatos & Bloop
 July  Helena Revan (no partner)
 August  Ace & Annunaki
 September  Diamond & Xanatos
 October  Wolfy & Xanatos
 November  Dopie & StarKnight
 December  Helena Revan & Crysophylax
 January  Caelum & Giffy
 February  Ruxith & Ivanova
 March  Drake & Lacey
 April  Fente & IronSkull86
 May  Jasp & Redshadow
 June  Drake & Ivanova
 July  Ivanova & Dace
 August  Jazzy & Nick
 September  Helena Revan & Anoek
 October  Helena Revan & Cebi
 November  Xanatos & Cebi
 December  Starkiller & Giffy
 January  Ford & Zu
 February  Celkath & Ronny
 March  Vince & Crysophylax
 April  Helena Revan & Robin
 May  Robin & PinkFox
 June  Bandeth & Ace
 July  Vincenzo & Ruxith
 August  Fox & Helena
 September  Water & TheDoctor
 October  Dopie & Crysophylax
 November  Wolfy & Xanatos
 December  Wolfy & Water
 January  SiLink & Helena Revan
 February  Wawel (No Partner)
 March  Vultax & Yunie
 April  TC... & Cole
 May  Duster-Man & Helena Revan
 June  Bandeth & Helena Revan
 July  Diamond & Kirby
 August  Vultax & Otter
 September  Crysophylax & Helena Revan
 October  Bandeth & Crysophylax
 November  Duster-Man & Redshadow
 December  Null & Wolfy
 January  Balla & Zu
 February  SiLink & Zantos
 March  Fox & Celkath
 April  SiLink & Jazzy
 May  Fox & Squirrel
 June  CyOrion & Aemi
 July  Cole & Squirrel
 August  Wolfy & Squirrel
 September  Zu & Squirrel
 October  SiLink & TC...
 November  Celkath & Vultax
 December  Wawel & Niner
 January  Jack & Ironman
 February  Jack & Balla
 March  BloodRaven & Balla
 April  BloodRaven & Monica
 May  BloodRaven & Monica
 June  SiLink & BloodRaven
 July  Valtar & Helena
 August  Vultax & Helena
 September  Diablo & Edgar Khoul
 October  Balla (No Partner)
 November  Balla & Sehtii Hathor
 December  Balla & CyOrion
 January  Mauler & Gore
 February  Proetic & Ghost
 March  TruSkillz & Proetic
 April  Wawel & Mauler
 May  SiLink & Wawel
 June  SiLink (No Partner)
 July  SiLink & Stitch
 August  Reiko & Proetic
 September  SiLink & Wawel
 October  Balla & SiLink
 November  Balla & BloodRaven
 December  SiLink & Tao
 January  Drako & Shinobi
 February  N/A
 March  Mario & Wodec
 April  Drako & Helena
 May  Zantos & Marduk (2007)
 June  Wodec & Yami
 July  Mario & Helena
 August  Jack & Fox
 September  SiLink & Helena
 October  Jasp & Angel
 November  Cole & Ghost
 December  HI & Mauler
 January  Kel & Zantos
 February  Eskimo & RevliS
 March  Xibios & Shadow
 April  Razz & NxRocker
 May  Toroto & Draggy
 June  N/A
 July  N/A
 August  N/A
 September  Xibios & Draggy
 October  Drako & HI
 November  Wodec & HI
 December  Wodec & HI