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This area is dedicated to members who have stepped forward and shared their good experiences in (JAWA). This page was intended to be set up so that potential members could take a look at how current/former members view the clan and how it may benefit the reader to join. The list is ordered from newest to oldest.

Are you a current or former member of (JAWA) and would like to add your experiences to this page? Private message Jacobie on the forum with the subject "Testimonial".

Icon ironskull.png

6th September 2018

Over the past several years, this clan has been like a second family to me. The friends I've made here are some of the best I've ever had. I have been in (JAWA) long enough to see many people come and go, but what always remains the same is the great sense of friendship all of the people in this clan share with eachother. I truly believe that most of the friendships I have made here will last my entire life. (JAWA) is definitely the greatest gaming community that I have ever had the privilege to be a part of and I hope that this place and it's members stay together for years to come. (JAWA) is not and has never been one person, it is and will always be a group of friends with a common mindset who respect one another and have fun together. This clan and it's members have meant a lot to me over the last few years and I am extremely proud that I am able to serve as a council member of (JAWA).

Icon chemist.png

15th September 2017

This clan, it's . . . very much unique. In times when JKA community struggles to survive, this clan continues to thrive no matter what, being one of the largest establishments in JKA community. Not only it maintains an absolutely unique structure with many clubs and all members being able to take part in numerous activities, but it also hasn't lost its friendliness and charm by doing so. I've only been here for about a year and a half now, so I haven't really experienced myself all the events which have been going on in the past 12 years, but I've read the articles about these days and what can I say? Every problem that has arisen was dealt with swiftly and gracefully, mostly by the Leaders' efforts, but the Council were of huge assistance as well.

You may have noticed that our clan holds the honorable first place in number of troll attacks. Not only simple lamers, but we also attract smarter folks, who question our rules all the time, calling them ridiculous, and, frankly speaking, base jka community doesn't exactly take us kindly as well. Still, we're one of the largest clans in JKA that have ever existed, and we're still getting a stable flow of new recruits, which voids all those troll claims that our policies are stupid and people won't be sticking around us for much longer. Our standards divert a little bit from typical JKA communities, but I have been given no reasons to think this is a bad thing, in fact, it's the reason we're still rolling and there are no signs of dropping activity!

To conclude, (JAWA) is a really nice place to stay if you're a friendly type folk who doesn't feel like being a constant nuisance. It's almost as if our clan was a magnet, which drags all the nice people all the way to here!

Icon jedi hm head b1 torso d1.png

15th September 2017

Two days ago I presented my bachelor thesis at uni to the committee and apparently I stole the show and I'm now officially a textile engineer. My thesis+presentation got a 10 (out of 10) as decided by the 4 members and now I'm heading into my Master's degree with a fat scholarship.

And I have come back here to thank the clan and it's members for the activities they have held that led to the development of IT and graphical skills as well as the exemplary demonstration of seriousness to do a proper job of things. I made plenty of good impressions in the last four years, thanks to the skills I got to develop in a good part here. Although to be honest, I obtained a coin with respect on one side and envy on the other. Thank you (JAWA) for the signature contests, art contests, the folks who organised these, the leadership, the creative support, JKA modding community in general, the people who wrote tutorials and made exemplary mods and many more outside of (JAWA). You've had a good influence. When I land a good job I'll see about donating something.

Icon nightwing.png

8th February 2017

It's always a bit weird writing a testimonial or a puff piece about the clan you lead. I am biased, 100% when it comes to our clan. It's a great community and I cannot praise it enough. That asside, (JAWA) has touched my life in so many ways, that I cannot be more thankful for. I started in this clan as a quiet, withdrawn, introvert seeking to make friends. Having lost a great deal of friends after coming out IRL, I was looking for people who would accept me for who I am and who I could be around and enjoy my time. I started to get to know a few people and we had a blast working our way up the ranks and enjoying our time here. It wasn't however until I reached Council, and then Leader, when I started to notice a big change in myself. Over the next year, I got to know my fellow council and more so, my co-leader SiLink, who helped me come out of my shell. My confidence started to come out and I was becoming more self assured in myself, my thoughts, beliefs and overall confidence in who I was. After a few times of rejecting to meet people from the clan due to confidence in myself, I eventually said yes, when SiLink invited me to his wedding.

Long story short, This clan gave me the boost I needed to build myself up as the confident person I am today. More so, the people here who all gave me the opportunity to be myself around them, who welcomed me as friends. I have met some of the closest friends I have ever had from this clan and I wouldn't change a thing. In being Leader, I hope I can continue to provide the opportunity for others to have this place to do the same as I did. So if you're looking for a place where you can really fit in, and be uniquely you at the same time. Then this place is for you.

Icon silink.png

7th November 2016

Originally I didn't plan to write a testimonial, but it seemed fitting since (JAWA) has been a big influence on my life. I've gained not only lots of close online friends, but also some close IRL friends by being a member of this clan, some even went to my wedding! The members are the fuel that keeps this ship riding through the skies and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to share this experience with.

New Kid
Icon jawa.png

30th November 2015

I was playing in the -[KR]- server. I met this member of your clan. He was extremely nice and informative. Taught me some stuff about the game. I used to play but hadn't in a very long time. Initially i was interested in joining -[KR]- but since meeting him it made me realize maybe (JAWA) is the clan i should be applying for. Thanks for recruiting great people:D

Icon python.png

18th November 2015

What is (JAWA) you ask? (JAWA) is one of thee longest clans running to this day in Jedi academy question it’s not about for me the history of (JAWA) it’s about family that a very few clans have forgotten over time but there is so much things you can do while your in the (JAWA) family like join a club, participate in events any event on the calendar unless it’s a clan only event then your sol unfortunately but it’s not one of your typical community clans that just sits, hang out, do duels it’s more you going to this and that or if your in the clan try to make it into these great festivities (JAWA) League etc join a club any club as long your in the right months to be apart of some & I’m happy with (JAWA) haven’t been happy with a clan since my days in Fallen which is rare to see from me because I let it be known that fallen will always be me as it will be forever but (JAWA) on the other has a great atmosphere of individuals to share things with and not judging you on it personal life or whatever. Join (JAWA)! you don’t know what your missing!

Icon starkiller.png

7th December 2014

Have you ever wished to know more people from around the world and to know of their culture or just interesting facts about their life? This is just one of the many things that an online community or clan can give you. One of these online communities have had a significant impact on my life and the name of it is (JAWA). (JAWA) doesn’t stand for anything in particular and gets its name based off the little brown robed people from the planet Tatooine in the movie Star Wars. The reason I think they took this name is because (JAWA) acts like a close knit group as the actual creature does in the movie. This is one the many qualities I admire about the clan. They made an impact on my life by teaching me to be more mature, being like a second family to me, and teaching me to respect those who are different then me

It may be silly to write about something like this, but now days in the era of technology we see many people making connections to others through the Internet. I came to the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy with the thought of just enjoying it three years ago, and then it all changed when I found this community. At the time I was only fifteen, and I was considered young among the online community. This community took me in, even though I was very young. Soon after joining, I was given some responsibility and I failed at it. I miss used something I was given and I paid the consequences. This taught me maturity. Maturity is something we can learn in life, yet you can learn it in even the oddest situations including an online community. I regained this responsibility and still have it to this day and have been complimented on how much I have changed since I first joined. Positive compliments like this in life can also lead to maturity. You are being seen as equal by peers that may be your age or even older then you. This is what really learning to be responsible with power and to use it maturely is put to the test. You don’t need to have it in real life to learn, all you need is the right situation. This particular situation gave me the right scenario and taught me to be more responsible and mature with power.

Family is another key thing in our lives. We rely on family to get us through thick and thin. An online community can act like a “family” away from your family. (JAWA) does this for me. You trust you family with your lives and a lot the people I know from this clan I can trust with mine. We even have had a few community events where the goal of it was to become closer to each other. We called these meet and greets. We basically introduced who we are, what we enjoy to do, and something significant the clan did in our lives. This is something a family does to get closer to each other. We, as a clan, act like a family even though we are just a bunch of diverse people in our actual lives. As a family, we also have plenty of drama. Yet, we are strong enough that we can put it in the past and get on with what is actually important and that is having fun and supporting each other. All of our lives are impacted by being in this clan and I know my life has had a huge impact over the last three years. Family also supports who we are no matter what and this is something (JAWA) does not fall short on.

(JAWA) accepts people for who they are no matter age, ethnicity, country, color, or sexuality. They accepted me when I was just fifteen when most online communities require you to be least eighteen or of adult age. They even accepted a girl who was just nine years old at one point. This is how open armed they are. We have people from England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and mostly the United States. Also there are many members who are gay and we even accept them. We treat everyone like they should be, like a human. No one deserves to be downgraded just because they choose to be who they are. I have learned to respect everyone that I could possibly ever meet. A community that can do what the world cannot do at times is something that is very remarkable. This among many other things is why I admire this community so much.

Words cannot simply describe the experience you get from being part of (JAWA). You need to actually experience the community to get a full sense of what they stand for, and that is fun and hanging out like a family. This clan has taught me to mature, to have another family besides my own, and to respect those who may be different than me. There would be no place I would rather be online then with this community. I wish everyone could experience the kinds of things the people of (JAWA) bring when they come together as one. We may have lost many, but we are still strong. This is the event I chose over everything else in my life that had a huge impact on my life. The impact being with a group of people who are remarkable. (JAWA) is something to truly admire.

Icon jawa.png

1st December 2014

I gotta say I find it hard to believe this clan is still going. As you guys do every little while, (JAWA) managed to cross my mind. So I figured I'd check the old site, and you guys are still goddamned here.

It's pretty incredible. I'm pretty much nostalgia tripping at the moment and it's mixed in with a lot of feels. It's crazy how something like getting promoted to the council or becoming an admin is so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but at the time, man all of that stuff meant the absolute world to me.

Icon jawa.png

23th May 2014

I just want to say that i love this clan for a couple of different reasons...... This clan is truly and utterly amazing. I've never seen a clan that's so nice and welcoming. and I've played a lot of different games and been in a lot of different clans/guilds (in other games only (JAWA) for JKA) and in my experience most games welcome a new person like they have the plague. I cant tell you how many games I've stopped playing because the people that played it were total jerks. and i cant tell you how many friends I met that then quit because they couldn't get any better because there was no one there to help out. this is the only clan I've ever seen that has set up training programs to help those who want to get better and accepts those who just want to mess around. There is no pressure to to be the best duelist ever and to me that's amazing.

To me this clan is amazing in that it helps motivate people to learn skills in real life (and not just "im the best duelist ever!). I've seen many people pickup Photoshop or modeling or level design because this clan inspired them to. to me its amazing that this clan is helping to enrich these peoples lives with an actual skill. and yes they might not always go and become a game designer or a level creator but at least they are learning it and have the option that wasnt there before. to me that means a lot..... especially because so many clans I've seen just promote skills in game. and there are things here to help you in game but thats not the end goal. if someone joins the clan and starts Photoshopping they get good constructive criticism and not just "lawls ur Photoshop skillz sux." or "go away noob" to me that means so much. This clan is simply amazing to all the members past and present..... you guys are just awesome. you are all greats friends and good people. and yes there are minor hiccups along the way but thats normal in any large group of diversified people. I've had many great friends and meeting a lot of new friends. this clan has helped me through a lot of dark times in the past and hanging out with you guys is helping me through some dark times right now (that's part of the reason i wanted to post this). i just want to say i love the (JAWA) clan and you guys are all amazing.

Icon pearl.png

5th May 2014

I've been playing JKA for years. From all the clans I know, (JAWA) is the one that feels the most like a family. (JAWA) is a place where your clan mates can become your brothers and your sisters. (JAWA) members are people you can tell everything, people you learn to discover, despite bad times. (JAWA) is a community that knows how to support me, comfort me, help me and teach me.

Icon stormpilot white.png

5th May 2014

I have been a (JAWA) member for almost 2 years now. I always see new and old faces and everybody here is friendly to each other. I have played Jedi Academy for almost 7 years and this is in my opinion the most adorable server on the game. I learned a lot in this clan. Friendship and the right handling with each other are the magic ingredients. There have been good and bad times in this clan but we managed everything together and hope to exist for another 9 years.

Icon clone arg.png

5th May 2014

Having a bad day? Go spend some time with the people at (JAWA), they're the ones who will cheer you up. Just ask Zantos, he's one of the most positive members I know, and his goofiness has always put a smile on my face. I wanted to thank everyone for being there for me, and helping me through hard times. I'm one of the youngest members in (JAWA), and they have always supported me. I encourage you to join (JAWA) or at least visit their server and once in a while. Age doesn't matter as long as you're mature in what you do and say.

Icon omicron.png

5th May 2014

(JAWA) really is an awesome place. As soon as I joined the clan in August of 2013, less than a year ago, I felt welcomed almost immediately by everyone and I knew that I was going to like it here. Thanks to (JAWA), I have managed to improve my skinning and graphics skills by meeting and talking to helpful individuals. Joining the Arts club has given me the motivation to do more within the community. Everyone here is really friendly, and don't treat you like you're an outsider, it's like one great big family. The people here have also made me find out more about myself personally, and have been supportive of anything I had on my mind and for that I am grateful to them and to the rest of the clan.

Clear Insanity
Icon jawa.png

4th May 2014

(JAWA) is truly the epitome of a community and family. Everyone is welcoming and truly kind. Back when I was active I was young, naive and a dumb kid haha. Everyone always treated me with respect and made me feel welcome. When I left, it was because I had a lot going on with my family and personal life. My parents were getting divorced and I was depressed. (JAWA) kept me going during that time and always made me feel like I had a place to go. I left because I had to face my problems and move forward with my life which unfortunately meant to stop playing video games. However, I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing community you've built and thanks for allowing a young kid at the time to really feel like he was apart of something. It really helped me get by.

Icon shadow.png

22nd May 2013

I have been in (JAWA) for 4 years and I can say (JAWA) is a JKA clan unlike most. It's members are usually friendly and able to help people with questions they ask. Some members are the driving force in innovation of not only the clan, but aspects of the majority of the JKA community today as well. (JAWA)'s Leadership/Council is organized and active, making them able to handle situations and crisis's quickly or within reasonable amounts of time.

(JAWA)'s core structure is a non-skill-based structure. Just because someone is skilled with a Lightsaber, doesn't mean they are skilled with Maturity and Leadership and (JAWA) proves that. Though (JAWA) isn't a skill-based clan, (JAWA) does have competitive/skill-based areas and events as well as fun-based areas and events.

(JAWA) has the most important thing to be in a clan, which is a large and active member base and leadership. (JAWA) is overall my favorite clan in JKA that I have seen and have been in. It is a clan that is fun, active, stable, and organized.

Icon thedoctor.png

22nd May 2013

Since joining the (JAWA) server back in early June 2012 (One of my first servers for the PC version on JKA, might I add), I already had a pleasant welcome to the community of that server. A pleasant and polite welcoming to anywhere is never too much to ask and is one of those professional aspects of any sort of community which I like.

The clan is considerate of others and NEVER consider themselves as a group of superiors to other people within the game as a whole. Especially to other clans. In fact, (JAWA) are one of the main reasons why Jedi Academy itself is still alive today (aside from the odd Steam sale every now and then). I mean, if you patrol through the forums or the Wiki, have you seen how much there is to do with multi-clan events? We don't just take an ignorant approach either and do them on our JA+ server all the time which others may not like; we also visit theirs which further boots our friendships!

In my personal experience, the clan as a whole has a good set of people to be around and try to maintain good organisation. Like many clans, we have rules in place to ensure everybody has fun and not spoil yours. For example, we have a no-laming rule. whilst some people find that laming someone could be funny, to the one being lamed, it may not be. It's a simple fact but knowing this alone shows consideration of others and that's what I like.

Icon kangy.png

21st May 2013

(JAWA) is a good place for everyone! There are many fun activities you can be a part of, for example clubs, contests and admin.If you don't wan't to join the clubs or in my case don't have time for it, you can enjoy of what others have made! In the form of Movies, Podcasts and competitions.

(JAWA) is nor just a clan, it's much more! Also if you wan't to increase your skills, this is the place to be, thanks to the Dojo (club) and many skilled teachers in (JAWA) and thanks to our Admins, Council and Leaders, (JAWA) is a comfortable place for everyone!

Icon snowtrooper blue.png

8th December 2012

To be or not to be, that is the question, Being a (JAWA) Holds its great aspects itself, but the amazing fact that non-(JAWA) members are treated with great respect and are able to participate in things without being in the clan, is what attracted me and amazed me, most clans keep it inter-clan, but (JAWA) Gives what it can to the community, and does well for itself, which attracts even more people to it besides me. Basically what im saying is, this community would not be the same without (JAWA) And I feel I am very lucky to be in it and contribute in any way I can.

Icon zu.png

2nd September 2012

Well, well, well. If this isn't the (JAWA) Clan. I always wonder, what would happen if hadn't join back in 2009th.. Where would I be, what would I do? Probably nothing. After the time I've spent in (JAWA) I am sure I'd quit JKA for good if I wasn't here anymore. The (JAWA) made it somehow a virtual home of madness. And all those people.. They are almost absolutely anonymous to us, all you know is their nickname and sometimes a photo, yet they follow a certain patter. A pattern of a real society. That's what (JAWA) has created. A place were all those freaks can gather and have their fun. Me? I wouldn't even think to be somewhere else. It's not ranks, it's not the prestige or the awards. It's people who made this place different than others. I mean, just look at this game's age, it's ancient! Yet we are having even more fun than on the beginning. That's something, eh?

Icon jazzy.png

27th March 2012

For Three Years I have been a part of this wonderful, ever growing, cheerful, and exciting community. I can honestly say there is no other community like it. The happiness, joy, and countless hours of entertainment it has brought me is nothing short of priceless. Unlike almost all other clans, being in (JAWA) isn't about being at any "Rank" or "Position." It is about making friends, growing as a player, and in many cases growing as a person. (JAWA) will most definitely be what you make of it and undoubtedly much more. Whether you are a recreational, hardcore, or casual gamer there is no question whether not (JAWA) will more than meet your needs and expectations and if you approach it from a positive standpoint, you will more than meet (JAWA)'s expectations.

Icon dopie.png

29th January 2012

What can you say about a clan like (JAWA) that hasn't been said before. It's something that has stood the test of time with the continue evolution in gaming, has one of kind members and a leadership that protects the values and good nature that the clan has stood for, for over 7 years now.

I came to find (JAWA) on a pure accident, browsing for servers on evening and since then, I've been hooked by the atmosphere, the events, the members and everything in between. Although I haven't been part of the clan for a very long time, I have been in the Jedi Knight community since the popular "Dark Forces 2" hit the shelves back in 1997. (JAWA) is a one of a kind-type of clan, simply put. An experience that any person thirsting to be part of a community that cares for its members would appreciate it.

I feel that if it came down to it, (JAWA) will be my final home for the Jedi Knight series, and if there ever comes a time where the clan expands to another game, I'll be one of the people carrying the flag over to the new scene. The friendships I've found are unmatchable and that's something I wouldn't give up. As I'm writing this, my thoughts are on the upcoming (JAWA) league that will begin in a few short hours, the (JAWA) Ladder that begins next month [February], the continuous Photoshop contests and so much more. If you want a testimony of a happy member who loves his clan, look no further -- you found one in me.

Icon duster man.png

28th November 2011

(JAWA) is more than a clan. I consider it as a second family. A family that is so supportive to others in (JAWA), allies and visitors. Whenever there is someone to talk to there is always someone there to support and help you.

I’ve visited to many clans and I’ve been in a clan before I joined (JAWA) and no clan is like (JAWA). We’re a big clan. We do a lot. We have weekly event, other events, (JAWA) School, clan matches leagues, Open League Tournaments and training squads. All those things are run by people who are part of the Council, Event Planners, Ambassadors and other members who run them. It’s because of them that we have all this and this is a big part of the clan. So I’d like to thank every member who has been part of these things and willing to do these things. It is not an easy task to do all this while you have real life to worry about as well.

I haven’t been a member from 2004-2009 but I can tell that the clan is different back then. After reading all about history Link is the reason that this clan is still alive and I believe that we all give him a big thanks, not only for keeping the clan alive but willing to lead this clan. It’s not easy to lead and keep the clan running, especially this long. I also like to thank all the past leaders including the creators of the clan Matt and Iniowe for creating the clan. They’re the reason this clan has been created. If you guys are out there and read this, thank you so much.

Almost 3 years since the old clan I was in the Chosen Ones {CO} died I wanted to be in another clan. A one that is just as supportive as them. During February and March 2010 I started to hang out there a lot more often than I had in the past. I had such a huge interest in joining the clan. Everyone has been so supportive since I started to hang out more. I made my application near the end of March 2010 and I got accepted into the trial. It’s just amazing to be part of the group even if you’re (JAWA-T) aka Trialist. (JAWA) seems to be a very loyal clan. Everyone is loyal to everyone. When I pick a clan to join I’m loyal to them to the end and I’m glad to be in (JAWA).

This clan seems to be one of the reasons JK3 is still alive as an online game. It’s one of the most active servers in the game. As long as servers have a lot of activity like (JAWA) does, the game will remain alive.

I just want to say (JAWA) thank you all for all of your support. It’s been a huge pleasure to be in (JAWA) for the amount of period of time I’ve been in (JAWA). I’m loyal to (JAWA) until the end.

Icon starkiller.png

29th September 2011

Even though I haven't been in (JAWA) for long i feel like I have made a family here. This clan has changed my life on JKA a lot. I leanred alot of saber techniques from (JAWA) School and individual members. On most servers if u ask (not saying every other server player says this) they say learn on your own or don't care. I feel like i can trust the members here with my life if need be. They took me in when they got to know me which every clan does but the more i worried bout not being accepted the more i realized is what do I have to worry about as long as I am myself which is what (JAWA) members care about. So as I have said i pledge my allegiance to (JAWA) to do what ever I can to make the clan better and to help out those in need because here in (JAWA) we are more then just a group of people playing we are a family.

Icon lacey.png

26th September 2011

I don't actually think of (JAWA) as a clan, I see it more as a place where I go to relax. I got my babes, BFF, my husbands and many more. Everyone in the clan has been more than welcoming, offering advice where they can, even to real life situations. I don't go to the server intent on playing, I go to see friends. (JAWA)'s are so accepting of people that it's hard to meet a a nicer bunch. I feel that my time on the server is time well spelt, either chatting or duelling. The (JAWA) clan is the place to be!


25th September 2011

(JAWA) is the best clan any gamer could ever dream of and i was fortunate enough to be welcomed into this Virtual family on October 13th 2010 by Kirby. I remember the day i was accepted into (JAWA) It was the weekly event and Kirby had surprised me by giving me the rank of Initiate and since then everything has been amazing Of course I've left a few times no one can be perfect but in the end we're all one big happy...Hooded Family who love to say funny things and live in a big sandcrawler (Which doesnt get the best mileage by the way ;P) but i've been in other clans in Jedi Knight Outcast but nothing compares to the Loving and welcoming JKA clan called (JAWA) i'm glad i was accepted into (JAWA) and i plan on staying with my family for a very long time and thats what (JAWA) Means to me.

Edgar Khoul

24th September 2011

Writing a testimonial is not as easy as it seems, at least for me. It's like summing up two years full of adventures, new experiences, happiness, laughter and even a pinch of sadness and anger in just a few sentences. Well, all of those who've met me will know one thing for sure- I am a rather talkative person, a guy of the long talks so to say. That's why I find it so hard to sum up my membership in (JAWA) in just a few sentences. Yet, here's my try:

The most important question ,of course, is what does (JAWA) mean to me ? The way I see it, (JAWA) is an experience, a whole new universe, dominated by diversity. A place where completely different people from different cities, different countries and different races can find how much they actually have in common. It's a bouquet of unimaginable experiences and emotions, and the only way to them is to join our clan, our community, our family - to join (JAWA).

I think that I should also pay attention to the people who keep this clan alive. Most important of all are our members- (JAWA) is here because of you, guys, everyone from Initiate to Leader. In fact your rank doesn't matter, what matters is your friendliness and the warm welcome you give to everyone who join our server. This is what makes the other people smile and feel like they're home. And there's nothing like this feeling, believe me. Of course, I should also thank the people who sacrifice a lot of their free time to keep (JAWA) running- to organise and discuss events, promotions and changes [councillors and event planners], to protect the server from rule-breakers and post reports[ admins], to donate for our Server, WebSite and Wiki [donators], so thank you, guys. Your hard work will not remain unnoticed , and so will the results of it.

In the end, I'd like to say that during my two years in the clan you, the members, were my friends, but you were as well my FAMILY ! So, I do owe you a big great THANK YOU (JAWA) - for being always there for me, for helping me, for being kind to me, for being part of this magnificent, amazing and over-interesting experience called (JAWA) !

Icon wolfy.png

19th September 2011

I've been in (JAWA) for a couple of years now, and I'm still proud of being a part of this clan. I consider that community as my second family. Members are very nice to eachother and every member of this clan can be considered as a friend who will be there to help you any best way he can. Our family is always open to new blood and I hope (JAWA) will continue to go strong, with as many friendly players !

Icon lezlo.png

19th September 2011

To show the rest of the world jk3 is still a great place to hang out with awsome people always showing to be willing to help with anything.

And still is very much alive as others claim it to be dead I find (JAWA) a great community to be a part of, people who play the game with fun and without exploiting mistakes in the game.

also (JAWA) is always open to new people and even though you will be kicked/ banned for your mistakes you always get a chance to make up for you mistake and get a second chance.

(JAWA) is a family

and there is always room for family :)

Icon dragon.png

19th September 2011

basicly, the community is great. atmosphere is great. if there's a prob there's always a quick solution. making it a nice place to stay.

there's always someone being random to lighten up the day a bit :) i guess you could say that dropping by at the server is a way to relax, get the busy day off your shoulder and just enjoy :)

(JAWA)'s a fun and friendly place. wouldn't trade it for any other clan... not anymore anyhoo XD

Icon anoek.png

19th September 2011

What is (JAWA) for me?

(JAWA) is like a second family what i never had, if i feel me bad, i can always talk with somebody in the clan I feel me safe, and mostly happy, Also i call some people els, like Mommy Iva ( i'm iva's little girl :P) and Daddy northstar.. for me are that me perents. i never had a dad who gifs on me, or a family and that i have found. and ofcorse we have Grandpa Linkie... But (JAWA) is not only a second family, The members in (JAWA) does a lot for me, all members have help me hard to learn English. (JAWA) is a good place to relax for me, and to find myself back :)

well Thanks all.

Icon redshadow.png

19th September 2011

(JAWA) is by far the most unique clan in the JKA community where many people who are all unique in they're own way with they're opinions nationality and personality can get along and live in peace with each other. In a clan like this if your feeling sad about something there are always people there to cheer you up and give you good advice. These are just two of the many reasons that makes (JAWA) so great.

Icon sithstalker.png

19th September 2011

(JAWA) is my escape. We all know the burdens and hardships of real life, and when I'm looking for a good laugh or fun times, (JAWA) is the place to be. I have never met a more welcoming or intriguing group of people on the internet, and I honestly wish I had never left all of those months ago, I'm sure I missed out on many great experiences. My interest in this game is still alive thanks to the (JAWA) community.

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18th September 2011

After being in (JAWA) for nearly a year, I decided to leave. I decided to retire from JKA and focus on other things/games. Naturally, since it was the fourth time I've retired from JKA, It was only a matter of time before I inevitably found myself re-installing JKA again. I decided not to come to straight back to (JAWA), and just have a look around at what other clans were offering and needless to say, within a few days, I decided to reapply for (JAWA). (JAWA) offers constant activity, laughs, security, longevity and perhaps most importantly a friendly face. I'm not saying there aren't other clans that offer these things, but the scale on which (JAWA) consistently offers it is quite staggering. So, if your looking for a clan, stop looking and apply here.

Icon cryso.png

22nd August 2011

I would like to start by thanking each and everyone of you on the work you put into making (JAWA) what it is today. Through the very top of the ranks, Leader, all the way to beginning rank, Initiate, I have seen everyone help in ways, big and small, make this clan. I have not been in this clan long, but it has truly been a great part of my life thus far.

The family atmosphere it what draws other people to the community and it couldn't be better. Our constant activity and improvement, even on the very little things draws more attention and helps us grow as a family and clan. Our admins, event planners, ambassadors' truly are amazing, keeping us with constant enjoyable server, events, and allies.

I would especially like to thank Link our Leader and our Council, new and old, on their hard work. It is a tough job to keep everything flowing smoothly and they do a great job, looking after one another.

If you are looking for a family/fun atmosphere, this is the server and clan to be with. Everyone will treat you with respect and you will not regret making friends with these people.