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 Manager: RoseTyler
 Captain: Clear Insanity
 Founded: 30th March 2012
 Founder: Diab
 Active?: Yes
 Previous Members:
Bandeth, Crysophylax, Diab, Dopie, Doc, Dragon, Fox, Jazzy, Legion, Lostris, Malgus, Nightwing, NorthStar, Pepsi, Robin, SiLink, Starkiller, Tao
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Current Members



The (JAWA) Podcast is a bi-weekly/tri-weekly seasonal episodic audio & video series produced for entertainment and informative purposes in (JAWA). Each episode is currently recorded in the (JAWA) Discord but in the past they were recorded in other programs and places such as Teamspeak, Skype, and Google Hangouts. There are currently set limits of how many episodes there are per season. Plans do always change but each season you can expect around 10-12 episodes max but there will be times when a season has to end due to reasons of around 6-8 episodes. The Podcast discusses various subjects pertaining to (JAWA) but also tend to stray off in alot of off-topic talk. While we try to keep things as PG we tend to go off that path and when we do, the appropriate disclaimers/warnings will be given out in both the video and topic to ensure younger viewers are aware of what lies inside.

Should members want to ask questions, please contact the manager or captain.


Special Content:

The Interview - Nightwing & Jacobie (Part Three)
The Interview - Nightwing & Jacobie (Part Two)
The Interview - Nightwing & Jacobie (Part One)
The Interview - Nightwing & Dopie
The Interview - SiLink & Dopie
The Interview - The (JAWA) Central Mapper

Season 11:

Episode 7 - You Don't Have Too But If You Want Too!
Episode 6 - This Is How Birthdays Work!
Episode 5 - We're A Halo Clan Now!
Episode 4 - Stay Safe!
Episode 3 - We're Having A Domestic!
Episode 2 - Our Friend, Andanas!
Episode 1 - Wee'rree Back!

Season 10:

Episode 8 - Butter Thoooose!
Episode 7 - Bath of Beans!
Episode 6 - Restart The Podcast!
Episode 5 - Star Wars Celebration
Episode 4 - Brexit Broke The Podcast
Episode 3 - The One Where Rose Hosts
Episode 2 - The Baguette
Episode 1 - You're Stuck With Us... Sorry!

Season 9:

Bonus Episode - Season 9 Funny Moments
Episode 17 - The Three Brits
Episode 16 - Misinformation
Episode 15 - Withering Away
Episode 14 - Legend of the Furry Hanger
Episode 13 - Sledgehammering The Cyan Trials
Episode 12 - The British Takeover
Episode 11 - Another One Bites The Dust
Episode 10 - Doctors Cry For Help
Episode 9 - Dead Space
Episode 8 - Thanks Nightwing...
Episode 7 - Malgus, The Forgotten
Episode 6 - What Did You Say?
Episode 5 - Straight Down
Episode 4 - We've Lost Our Identity
Episode 3 - Nightwings Not Good With Names
Episode 2 - Who Is Arios?
Episode 1 - Aint That Kind of Podcast

Season 8:

Episode 10 - Lock The Front Door
Episode 9 - Mrs. Plum Drops The F-Bomb
Episode 8 - Can You Not!
Episode 7 - Oh, Sugar!
Episode 6 - Hard To Count To Zero
Episode 5 - I Agree!
Episode 4 - The Lords are Dead!
Episode 3 - Having A Conversation About Nothing
Episode 2 - Having A Conversation With Nothing
Episode 1 - What Is This I Don't Even...

Season 7:

Episode 6 - Nightwing Wins Again!
Episode 5 - Done!
Episode 4 - Anicent Dust
Episode 3 - Wrong about Tongue!
Episode 2 - Self Destruction
Episode 1 - Instructions Unclear

Season 6:

Episode 12 - Boom Shakalaka!
Episode 11 - Civil War
Episode 10 - Hitting Rockbottom
Episode 9 - Rolling in the deep
Episode 8 - Fez Life
Episode 7 - The Nightwing News
Episode 6 - Here Comes the Sun
Episode 5 - 3 Hosts 1 Episode
Episode 4 - Nightwing Can't Get it Out
Episode 3 - Sloppy Seconds
Episode 2 - The Legion of Shadows
Episode 1 - 100 MPH

Season 5:

Episode 10 - RIP Nightwing
Episode 9 - The Hero The Podcast Needs
Episode 8 - MedalTator
Episode 7 - Nightmare On (JAWA) Street
Episode 6 - Level 50 Sandwich Maker
Episode 5 - Club Updates
Episode 4 - Imitation "POD"cast
Episode 3 - Sidetrack Team Assemble!
Episode 2 - (JAWA) Against Humanity
Episode 1 - The Diss-O-Meter

Season 4:

Episode 6 - RIP Starkiller
Episode 5 - Nightwing wins the episode!
Episode 4 - Status Status Status Status!
Episode 3 - Once More Unto The Breach
Episode 2 - Worlds Most Offensive Game
Episode 1 - A Decade of (JAWA)

Season 3:

Episode 8 - The Leadership
Episode 7 - Upcoming Games
Episode 6 - Where Has The Plot Gone?
Episode 5 - First Impressions and Experiences
Episode 4 - Returning Council Members
Episode 3 - (JAWA) Video's Resurgence
Episode 2 - Pearl's Let's Plays
Episode 1.5 - Applying for Council?
Episode 1 - (JAWA) Mentors!

Season 2:

Episode 3 - Coming full circle
Episode 2 - New Paint, New Shrubs
Episode 1 - Season Two .. Electric Boogaloo

Season 1:

Episode 10 - 8 (JAWA)'s & A Lostris
Episode 9 - A Very Merry Podcast
Episode 8 - Who's the real hero?
Episode 7 - Let the fat lady sing
Episode 6 - A little sugar, a little spice
Episode 5 - Last One Out Hit the Lights
Episode 4 - Draggin' the Line
Episode 3 - Breaking New Ground Part 1, Breaking New Ground Part 2
Episode 2 - Back on Track Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Episode 1 - Breaking The Ice


The Podcast under Dopie: March 2012-September 2013
The (JAWA) Podcast was created on the 30th March 2012 after it was suggested numerous times and finally brought up to Link who approved it. The first episode was released on the 2nd April 2012 with Diab producing the episode. After the first episode, the Podcast was handed to both Dopie and Bandeth where Dopie became the first manager of the podcast. Both would be responsible for its success in the early days as they recorded a successful first season. Dopie would plan, schedule, record, and edit each episode for the first two seasons until it would go on a hiatus on the 9th September 2013 during the second season.

The Podcast under Diab: June 2014-December 2018
On the 6th June 2014, the (JAWA) Podcast would returned under the new management of Diab after convincing Nightwing of letting him revive the club. Like Dopie, Diab would take on the responsibility of planning, scheduling, recording, and editing each episode. The first official episode back to start its third season was on the 24th June 2014. The podcast would undergo changes throughout its third, fourth, and fifth season where many different methods and structures were used.

Bandeth was made the first captain of the podcast on the 13th September 2014 until his departure from (JAWA) on the 27th December 2014. The captain position would remain empty for a few months until it was given to Starkiller. It would last from early 2015 (records not kept) to the 25th October 2015 and would transform the captain role into requiring a Council. The captain being a council would be required to keep the wiki page and assist the manager with forum topic merging and archiving when needed. IronSkull86 would become the next captain almost immediately after Starkiller stepping down from council and going into retirement. His Captainship would last around October 2015 (records not kept) until he stepped down from council on the 28th July 2016. Nightwing would assume the position of being the captain immediately following IronSkull's stepping down from council. On the 3rd December 2017, the captain currently would no longer be required to be a council or Leader as Diab would become council once more taking on all responsibilities of each role. On the 1st November 2018 Nightwing stepped down from being captain, then Diab stepped down as manager a while after Nightwing stepped down as captain on the 7th December 2018. This would end the current era of the podcast and start a new one.

The Podcast under TheDoctor: December 2018-December 2019
On the 7th December 2018, TheDoctor was put in charge of the (JAWA) Podcast after Diab stepped down as manager, with RoseTyler becoming captain on the 9th December 2018.

The Podcast under RoseTyler: December 2019-Present
On the 11th December 2019, RoseTyler was put in charge of the (JAWA) Podcast due to TheDoctor becoming Leader, however, TheDoctor would stay on as Captain instead. On the 3rd October 2020, it was announced at the Birthday Celebrations that TheDoctor would be stepping down from the Captain role and Clear Insanity would be taking over the role.