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Consulars Guardians Sentinels Sith
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This is the homepage of the "TFFA Tournament", this tournament is based on the (JAWA) Training Squads. However the tournament does not carry over any past results or members in regards to each squad. The tournament does however use the original squad names and colour system as described in the rules below.

The four squads are named after the three classes of Jedi: The Guardians, Sentinels, and Consulars; as well as a fourth squad named after the Sith. Each squad uses the distinctive lightsaber of its namesake, and is entitled to use (JAWA) tags in the unique colours during training and matches within the tournament.

This version of the (JAWA) TFFA Tournament was created by Duster-Man and is usually hosted every year by him.


How does this event work?
First of all we need 20 people to participate for this event. After that you'll all be randomized into random teams. Each team will have 5 members each. The tags below will be familiar to those who have experienced the TFFA training squads. You have to wear the tag you are assigned to on every match.

Consulars = (JAWA)

Guardians = (JAWA)

Sentinels = (JAWA)

Sith = (JAWA)

Main Rules

  • All teams will battle each other in certain schedule. If there is 1-2 people missing it won't effect the match. If we can't have 5 vs 5, we will have to do a 4 vs 4, 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2.
  • Each match will have 3 TFFA rounds. Each time a team wins a TFFA match, example if Guardians beat Consulars 2-1 then Guardians earn 2 points and the Consulars earn 1 point.
  • I should be at every match. If however I'm unable to attend then you'll need to take screenshots as proof for your match.
  • The team with the most points wins. If however there is a tie-breaker there will be a TFFA 3 round match. Best of 3 matches wins.

TFFA Tournament Results
Team Members
Arlu3n, ASD, Dace, Ironskull86 & Sherwood

Detailed Results
9th April 2015

Team Members
Crysophylax, Duster-Man, Fente, Omicron & System

Detailed Results
23rd November 2014

Team Members
Dopie, The Doctor, Ravz, Redshadow & TC

Detailed Results
1st December 2013

2015 - Tournament Screenshots

2014 - Tournament Screenshots

2013 - Tournament Screenshots