Tower Defense

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 Name: Tower Defense
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 6+
 Map(s): mp/FFA5
 Introduced: 11th May 2014
 Founder(s): Nightwing




The event starts with two teams, The Jedi and The Mercenaries. It is the goal of each team to take the top most level of the Sniper Tower, using their teams assets. The Jedi have access to force powers and lightsabers. The Mercenaries have access to weapons and a Jetpack which will give them a level playing field against the Jedi's force jump. The Rounds consist of 10 minutes each and the team who holds the top floor after the time period expires, wins that round. The host of the event is responsible for setting limits as they see fit, The standard set up is no limits to the weapons and force available to be used.

There are currently Three set-ups for this event, Standard, Barebones and Mixed. The Standard set up follows the rules as shown below. In Barebones gametype, the Jedi are disallowed the use of Force Powers(Jump allowed only) and the Merc Team are not allowed any AOE Weapons (Explosions). In the Mixed gametype, each team has an equal mix of Jedi and Merc. In a team of 2, that would include one Merc and one Jedi per team. The Teams are then appropriately named. Team Alpha and Team Bravo, instead of the usual terms of Jedi and Merc.

The host of this event may decide what limits to place and thus are allowed to create any variation. However the fundemental aspect of this game is to include a point of defense, preferably something difficult to reach and hold.

  • 10 Minutes each round.
  • Pick Ups Off
  • The Teams will start in separate buildings and must both advance to the sniper tower on 'Go'.
  • Each team has a few moments to discuss strategy before 'go'.
  • Jetpack Enabled for 'merc' Players only. (Jedi Must not use Jetpack)
  • Grapple is Disabled
  • Every user must have 125 hp.
  • When a player has run out of ammo for their weapons, they should make use of all their resources before asking for a refill.
  • Players must not enter spectate.
  • The Team who holds the top level floor wins the round.