Valis Hunt

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 Name: Valis Hunt
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Free For All
 Players: 5+
 Map(s): Academy V3
 Introduced: 1st October 2011
 Founder(s): Bandeth & NorthStar




There are two teams, Survivors and The Valis.

The Valis (wearing Valis's skin, if he doesn't mind that is) is allowed to use his lightsaber. His goal is to hunt down and kill all of the survivors. The survivors have melee out and they're not allowed to attack The Valis, however they CAN kick down their fellow survivors to The Valis so The Valis (hopefully) kills them instead. Once dead, the "Survivor" will spectate. No pickups allowed, 125 hp. Single saber only. Survivors and the Valis have to play with their brightness at 0.

The first person to be killed is The Valis next round. The last survivor alive is allowed to pull out their lightsaber and fight The Valis. Whoever wins the fight wins.

You can download the Valis skin here : Click here

  • Brightness must be at 0 /r_gamma 0 (Or slide the brightness scale to 0).
  • Only jump over obstacles and people, no bunny hopping / strafe jumping.
  • No Grapple or Jetpack.
  • Survivors have to have melee out.
  • Survivors can't attack The Valis.
  • Survivors can use vents at own risk.
  • Survivors cannot stay in one hiding spot for too long. Try to switch spots every 3-5 minutes.
  • Single Saber only.
  • The Valis can turn his saber off to ambush survivors, but must otherwise keep it on.
  • Pickups will be disabled.
  • You cannot lock yourself in the bar, but you can hide in there.
  • If your fellow Valis hits you by accident, tough luck. The Valis and the Survivors should watch out for the turrets that shoot near the lockable door, they do not discriminate with their targeting.
  • Only standing emotes and /meditate are allowed. You may crouch of course.
  • No binocs (Sorry guys, it may limit vision but it can be very useful inside the vents).
  • Your name cannot be all black letters; you will need at least 3 colored letters.
  • You may use any skin you want.