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 Name: Zombie
 Category: Random Events
 Gametype: Team Free For All
 Players: 7+
 Map(s): mp/ffa1, mp/ffa2, mp/ffa3, mp/ffa4 & ns_hideout
 Introduced: 5th April 2013
 Founder(s): Renegade Knights




The Humans (blue team) try to do whatever it takes to survive from the Zombie invasion (Red Team).

  • Pick numbers 1-100 for the zombie player.
  • The player that has been picked to be the Zombie he/she must go to the red team.
  • The rest of the players must go to the blue team.
  • Once the server is restarted you may begin.
  • Weapons will be on.
  • Pickups will be off.
  • When a player from the human team (blue team) is killed by the zombie or in any other way they must switch to the red team and help kill the blue team members.
  • Blue team members are allowed to defend themselves. If someone from the red team (Zombie team) dies they come back to life.
  • Must switch hiding places every 3 minutes.
  • Grapple and jet packs are not allowed.
  • No going to glitchy areas please.
  • Last person on the human team (Blue Team) wins and they become the next Zombie for the next round.