Merc War

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Watch Out For That Sniper!


Team Free For All


Merc War

Type Difficulty
Shooting Hard
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The Merc War is one of the (JAWA) League's most intense events. The event is held on Taspir III, and features a wild battle between the participants, each of whom tries to outlast the others to win the contest! The event was originally held with all players beginning with all weapons and the maximum amount of ammunition. To reduce spam, certain weapons were disallowed, and special rules were implemented to ensure an exciting contest. However, enforcing these rules became cumbersome, and the event was discontinued following the November 2007 League. The event was revived in April, 2009, with new rules and a format designed to prevent spam, and has so far been a great hit with the participants!

  • Participants must line up in the center of the Taspir landing pad to be given a brief reminder of these rules
  • Weapons and pickups will then be enabled on the server, which is then restarted. You will then have a minute of no fighting (Minute of peace) which will enable you to pick up health, weapons and ammo. The organizer will then begin a countdown (3, 2, 1, GO!) and on GO! all players will then become targets
  • You may work in teams, however if your team are the only ones left alive then you must fight to the death
  • Grapple and jetpack are ONLY allowed during the "minute of peace", after that you are not allowed to use either
  • Once dead, you must join spectator. If you fall into lava or into a hole you can't escape from then you must also join spectator
  • Giving hints to participants on the location of other players or any other advantages will result in a disqualification from the entire event and future events until further notice
  • If there is more than 1 player left after 10 minutes, the event goes into overtime for 5 minutes. If after overtime is over and there are still players remaining, then the person with the highest score will win by default

 January  Helena Revan
 February  Dragon
 March  SephFF
 January  Helena Revan
 February  Redshadow
 March  Redshadow
 April  Wolfy
 May  Duster-Man
 June  Redshadow
 July  Redshadow
 August  Dragon
 September  Dragon & Shadow (tied)
 October  Redshadow
 November  Dragon
 December  Redshadow
 January  Redshadow
 February  Redshadow
 March  Shadow
 April  Redshadow
 May  The Doctor
 June  Redshadow
 July  Arlu3n
 August  Natsumi
 September  Anoek
 October  Helena Revan
 November  Redshadow
 December  Redshadow
 January  Wolfy
 February  Shadow
 March  Wolfy
 April  TheDoctor
 May  Jacobie
 June  Helena Revan
 July  Bandeth
 August  Hy Pro Glo
 September  Helena Revan
 October  Redshadow
 November  Shadow
 December  Redshadow & Evok (tied)
 January  Redshadow
 February  Redshadow
 March  Redshadow
 April  Dragon
 May  Shadow
 June  Shadow
 July  Redshadow
 August  Redshadow
 September  Jacobie
 October  Link
 November  Jacobie
 December  Water
 January  Matoro
 February  Matoro
 March  Matoro
 April  Matoro
 May  Matoro
 June  Jasp
 July  Nightwing & Stormie (tied)
 August  Frosty
 September  Jacobie
 October  Chemist
 November  Jacobie
 December  Redshadow
 January  Redshadow
 February  Nightwing
 March  Jango40
 April  Dace
 May  Jasp
 June  Duster-Man
 July  Matoro
 August  Jasp
 September  Shadow
 October  Shadow
 November  Helena Revan
 December  Shadow
 January  Redshadow
 February  Duster-Man
 March  Redshadow
 April  Dopie
 May  Bandeth
 June  Duster-Man
 July  Bandeth
 August  McFish
 September  Bandeth
 October  Duster-Man
 November  Duster-Man
 December  Crysophylax & Dopie (Tied)
 January  Bandeth, Crysophylax, & Jasp (Tied)
 February  Crysophylax & Shadow (Tied)
 March  Fox
 April  Wolfy
 May  Ivanova
 June  Shadow
 July  Redshadow
 August  Dace
 September  Duster-Man
 October  Redshadow
 November  Redshadow
 December  Duster-Man
 January  Bandeth
 February  Bandeth
 March  Bandeth & Vince (Tied)
 April  Robin
 May  Bandeth
 June  Bandeth
 July  SiLink
 August  Robin
 September  Jasp
 October  Xanatos
 November  Dopie
 December  Water
 January  Zu
 February  Bandeth
 March  Bandeth
 April  Bandeth
 May  Diamond
 June  Diamond
 July  Bandeth & Jasp (Tied)
 August  Duster-Man & Crysophylax (Tied)
 September  SiLink
 October  Bandeth
 November  Ace
 December  SiLink
 January  Fox
 February  SiLink
 March  Jack (2006 Member)
 April  SiLink
 May  Zu
 June  Zu
 July  SiLink
 August  Zu
 September  Chrobry
 October  SiLink
 November  Fox
 December  Wawel
 January  N/A
 February  N/A
 March  N/A
 April  Fox
 May  Monica
 June  Wawel
 July  BloodRaven
 August  BloodRaven
 September  Valtar
 October  Zantos
 November  Shadow
 December  SiLink
 January  N/A
 February  N/A
 March  N/A
 April  N/A
 May  N/A
 June  N/A
 July  N/A
 August  N/A
 September  N/A
 October  N/A
 November  N/A
 December  N/A
 January  Drako
 February  N/A
 March  Wodec
 April  Valtar
 May  Jasp
 June  Wodec
 July  Zantos
 August  Fire
 September  Wawel
 October  Jasp
 November  Wawel
 December  N/A
 January  N/A
 February  Yoshi
 March  N/A
 April  Kel
 May  Toroto
 June  N/A
 July  N/A
 August  N/A
 September  Kira
 October  Drako
 November  RevliS
 December  Wodec